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The Trade Heard Round the World

He was a poor GM before this trade, and he’s a poor GM after this trade. Danny Ainge has dug his own grave.

True, the “Big Three” could and very well might overpower the Eastern Conference enroute to an NBA Finals birth. However, there are still so many questions facing the Boston Celtics. Not just right now, but in their not so distant future.

Boston Celtics

What Boston Celtics Will We See Next Year?

by: Kyle Benson

Its the 2nd year in a row the Celtics have missed the playoffs. What has happened to this storied franchise? 16 NBA championships all time, but they can’t make it into the playoffs two years in a row. Even though they are one of the worst teams in the league, ending the season with a horrid record of 25-57, star players Paul Pierce and Al Jefferson have guaranteed the playoffs for the 2007-2008 season. So what I’m asking myself is, what Celtics will we see next year, the dynasty from the 80’s, or the car crash of the 2000’s?