Philadelphia 76ers

An open letter to Ed Stefanski (or how to fix the Sixers experience)

Dear Ed,

Long time fan, first time season ticket holder here.  I know you’ve got a lot of problems on your plate right now: the Sixers have been freefalling since the All-Star Break, your prize free agent acquisition (and $80M man) is sitting in street clothes, the team can’t play perimeter defense with under 30 seconds left, and the arena is half-empty (not half-full!) on most nights.

Now, I can’t help you with any of the first three issues (although I’m pretty sure trotting out Willie “9ppg” Green as our starting 2 guard isn’t helping anyone), but perhaps I can shed a little light on why nobody wants to go to the Sixers games.  And while winning would fix everything, in lieu of winning, perhaps you can make the in-person experience just a little better so I don’t regret buying season tickets this year or have to beg someone to go with me on certain nights.