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Life After Bobby

September 10, 2000 – The gloomy weather in Bloomington, Ind. on that fall day could have been considered a bad omen. Every Hoosier’s worst nightmare was occurring in the swampy marsh of Dunn Meadow. Robert Montgomery Knight, the General, was giving his farewell speech to a group of angst-ridden and drenched student protesters. He did it in classic Bobby Knight fashion, but the day was far too sad to ponder such a triviality. What was to become of Indiana University basketball?

This was our nightmare.

College Football

Price Mike Locksley Paid Too Small for His Crime

I would have written this a few weeks ago if I anticipated its outcome correctly. Obviously, I did not.

I thought the University of New Mexico was suspending head coach Mike Locksley as a pretense to fully relieving him of his duties, the standard “We’re suspending you without pay until our lawyers tell us how to fire you the cheapest.”

But, on Sunday, Locksley returned to his office in Albuquerque, N.M., resuming his duties as if nothing had ever happened.

What happened, of course, was that Locksley attacked receivers’ coach J.B. Gerald, leaving Gerald with a split lip and the accusation that Locksley punched him.