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NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs Preview

(originally posted 8/18/2003)

(3) Indiana vs (6) Boston

This is the easiest playoff series to predict. Boston will run their offense like a well oiled machine, which basically involves getting the rebound or inbound and running down the court at full speed. Then either Pierce, Walker, or Williams will jack it up from the three point line. Unfortunately, they will shoot about 11% from there. Other statistics to watch for: Average Number of Passes per Possesion: 0.30.

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See ya- MJ

(originally posted 4/17/03)

We’ve seen Jordan retire a couple of times before, but we know this is indeed the final time. And while Madison Square Garden would have been the perfect place for his last game (for where else did he make more of an impact?), I’m glad and proud that his send off party was at the First Union Center in Philly.

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What’s in the beer in Chicago?

Can we officially designate Chicago fans as the worst in the country?  Last night, this mensa member on your right ran onto the field and attacked an umpire.  This is on the heels of an incident at the same ballpark last year where a father and son duo attacked the Royals first base coach.  Look, we all want to yell and kick dirt on umpires from time to time but we don’t attack them!

College Basketball

NCAA Championship Game – 2003

(originally posted on 4/7/2003)

6:54 1st Half – Syracuse, despite me rooting for them are up by 14. I am a big a fan of Carmelo Anthony as anyone but the two biggest Syracuse stars so far are McNamara and Warrick. M’s got incredible range and W has got hops and a wingspan you wouldn’t believe. Syracuse has to figure out a way to stop Collison. He’s a monster on the inside.