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Tour de France 2006 Preview

Predicting the Tour de France has been pretty boring over the past few years. This year, however, without a certain Texan, the field is wide open. A look at the contenders:

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2004 Tour de France Preview

I recently got into a friendly argument about whether any activity that does not involve a ball should be counted as a sport. Given Lance Armstrong’s condition, I have even fewer balls to use in my argument for the Tour de France. But: doping scandals, rock star girlfriends, the 24th highest-paid athlete in the world according to, drunken and rowdy fans yelling at the athletes – it sounds like a sport to me.

So, who should you be watching when the 2004 Tour de France starts on July 3? For those who don’t know the difference between chamois cream and shinola, I’ve included some sports movie references for your reading pleasure.