Anaheim Angels

The Kind Of Player Managers Dream Of

Chone Figgins. In Anaheim, home of the Angels, all you need to say are those two words and it will get you praise. When you go to an Angels’ game and they announce his name the crowd goes crazy. When he gets a hit, it seems as if the crowd stands in unison and gives everyone around them a high five. You stand up as well because the energy is so intense that you feel as if you must. The home crowd loves him and so does Mike Scioscia.

Phoenix Suns

Sunny Days in Phoenix

Every sports fan in Phoenix is jumping for joy. No, not because the Cardinals didn’t get last in the NFC West, but because the Suns are the best team in the NBA.

This is the first time in recent memory that the dominant team in the NBA hasn’t had a physically dominating big man in the middle like Tim Duncan or Shaq. So how are the Suns keeping up a league-best 31-8 record? By running, running, running, and running some more.