Chicago Bears

Contrary to Popular Belief- Grossman is Capable of Taking Bears to Super Bowl

Kevin Federline may have received more positive reviews for his debut album than Rex Grossman did for his play at quarterback this year for the Bears. But if you grade his season on a curve and focus on how he played in the Bears most meaningful games, you’ll find that Grossman should really deserve a lot more credit than criticism for his overall play.

Chicago White Sox

Recent Trades May Spell Return to Mediocrity on the South Side

Did Kenny Williams get enough in return for workhorse Freddy Garcia and future ace Brandon McCarthy? White Sox fans better hope so.

College Football

Boise deserves better than a "We’re number 5!"

How do two teams with two losses finish ahead of Boise in the final rankings? The only logical culprits are our friends that developed the BCS several years ago.