Miami Heat

Riley Wins Again: What He Knew and Why It Worked

Pat Riley is winning again.
Not basketball games. Mind games.
He took our doubts in stride, stayed faithful to the offseason amendments that he had made to the Miami Heat and never once buckled under all the questions regarding his judgment.
He stayed quiet and, ultimately, made us look like fools.

Houston Rockets

Despite Poor Start- Van Gundy the Perfect Man for the Job

During my two-and-a-half months as Jeff Van Gundy’s “co-worker,” I never saw him smile. Not once.  As an intern covering the Houston Rockets for the team’s official Web site, I ran into head coach Jeff Van Gundy on multiple occasions — and never once saw him smile. He would smirk. He would stifle a laugh. He would furrow his eyebrows and think intensively; apparently annoyed at the line of questioning that was thrown his way.  

But he never smiled.