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How the NFL dropped the ball.

In the NFL, there is a serious disease affecting every player and every team.  The symptoms of the disease become apparent at the worst possible times, when the game is on the line.  It affects everybody, even the game’s best.  The most terrifying thing is that no cure exists now or in the future.  This disease affects a person’s ability to catch a ball also known as, “the drop.”

NFL General

In the NFL- Clark Kent is every team’s Superman!

By all sports standards they are underpaid, undervalued, underappreciated, and totally unprepared.  The average man called upon at a moments notice to do the heroic feats of a superhero. Completely anonymous to many fans and media, yet expected to perform as a superstar.  No other position in sports demands more for less.  These masked men are football’s backup quarterbacks.  

College Football

What is it worth?

The age of the BCS lottery machine is upon us.  The difference between winning and losing has a lot more to do with money than it does with the score.  It’s hard to know what drives a good team anymore; the money or the winning.