New England Patriots

The Next Shaun Alexander: The Laurence Maroney Story

What I am about to tell you, may be disturbing to the faint of heart. My prediction is so bold, so shocking, so death defying, that it just might brainwash you into making a quick stop at your local fantasy Wal-Mart to get one heck of a bargain on Laurence Maroney. Who in the..?  Maroney?  Is that some kind of Italian dish?

Dallas Cowboys

Future Forecast: Heavy Dosage of T.O.

When I worked at Fed-ex packaging, there were packages that we would have to stock on the trucks that read “fragile.”  My fellow employees only handled these packages with nothing but the utmost extreme care.  They would pick them up ever so lightly, and place them ever so gently into the stocking truck.  Eh-hem. Only in a perfect world.