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Gone 4-ever? Not so Favre.

This is the NFL off-season right?  It is amazing that the off-season of the NFL dominates the headlines more than other sports regular season.  We have seen the NFL Draft, free agency, the debate over rookie contracts, defensive ends Dancing with the Stars and now the biggest dance of them all, the Brett Favre retirement tease.  Just when you thought you would see your first season without #4 in Green Bay, it sounds as if we may be seeing Favre play again this fall… but will it be back in Green Bay?

College Football

BCS: The Bane of College Sports

Team A: Record 8-0, Average Score 49.75-20.5 Best win: At number 15 team in the country.
Team B: Record 8-0, Average Score 46.63-16.13 Best win: at number 13 team in the country.
Team C: Record 8-0, Average Score 36.75-9.13 Best win: home against number 14 team in the country.
Team D: Record 8-0, Average Score 25.25-9.25 Best win: home against the number 19 team in the country.
Team E: Record 8-0, Average Score 42.63-27.38 Best win: home against the number 23 team in the country

Which two of these teams should play for the national championship?