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Another self-inflicted NHL wound

For whatever reason, the NHL won’t make good decisions. It needs to win back the trust of sports fans by making wise and strategic moves. But it hasn’t done it, and the latest deed proves it won’t any time soon. Here’s my thoughts on the latest move by professional hockey.

NBA General

Overrated Oden

What is it about Greg Oden that makes people salivate? His size? Strength? Potential? What is it? Because I don’t see it.

My mouth is dry.

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Stop laughing- here comes a WNBA column

Let’s talk about, arguably, the biggest joke in professional sports, girls prep basketball on steroids, an all-you-can-eat buffet for sexist men. Let’s talk some WNBA. Why not? It’s their postseason, after all.

When the WNBA formed in 1996, it narrowed — albeit barely — the athletic gap between men and women. They proved a point: Girls can play, too. But women hoopsters don’t have equality when it comes to respect. Case in point: the league gave away tickets to this year’s All-Star Game. Heck, there isn’t even a WNBA topic option on this web site.

The difference, I think, boils down to entertainment. Not that the WNBA doesn’t have action and drama. But men posses superior athleticism, enabling them to give more captivating performances. For your money, would you rather watch Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, Becky Hammon, and Deanna Nolan? Watch them give a strikingly accurate imitation of seventh grade girls game, where 80 points indicates a shootout, shotput-like shooting form makes “chucking up a prayer” seem fundamental, and free throws are expensive?

Or do you opt for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, or other muscle-bound ariel artists and their rim-rocking slams? Check out cold-blooded snipers like Ray Allen and Gilbert Arenas knocking down 30-footers? Or watch Western Conference teams score points like they’re bowling?

It’s an obvious choice, really. But there has to be something that can shrink the gap. Well, here’s an idea…

NHL General

Lost Love – An ode to the old NHL playoffs

The NHL returned, albeit quietly, from its locked out 2005 season. But its playoffs — exciting, powerful, addictive — remained lodged in oblivion.

The last two playoffs? Imposters. Unwanted guests that have paralyzed a once-great yearly occasion.

This season’s NHL playoffs scored record-low American television ratings, especially during the Stanley Cup Finals — supposedly the most exciting playoff round. NBC, in one instance, interrupted a game with the Preakness’ pre-race coverage. Game 3 of the Finals had NBC’s worst rating since a “The West Wing” rerun several years ago.

Sad, so sad.

College Football

Strike the pose: This year’s Heisman hopefuls

Man, with the sports world deteriorating, we need some football, huh? Division races, conference battles, and players jockeying for the college game’s most glorified award: The Heisman Trophy. Who has a date with the 13 1/2-inch-tall man this winter at the Downtown Athletic Club? For my favorites, please read on…

Detroit Tigers

Red alert: Should Tigers push panic button?

Detroit has lost its snarl — and plenty of games the last few weeks. Is it time for the Motor City to worry?

NBA General

An NBA playoffs cure

One idea to improve professional basketball’s postseason.


Beckham Experiment will fail

Soccer superstar David “Bend It Like” Beckham won’t revive soccer in the United States.

Detroit Lions

Lions need to walk the walk

Motor City Kitties need to shut up and just win

Boston Celtics

Calm down Beantown

Boston needs to down a chill pill