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Why We Watch Tennis

How many people can honestly say there isn’t something about tennis that intrigues them? Whether it’s the endless rallies or the power serving, tennis has a little bit of everything for everyone. The British Championship at Wimbledon has also proved that it provides the drama that every sports fan enjoys. With the big guns falling, this years Wimbledon has provided the sports world with one of the greatest opportunities in recent tennis history; a reason to watch.

MLB General

What’s Going On

What is wrong with pitchers? One hundred pitches and they call it a night.

Times have been a changin’ and not for the better in baseball.

You hardly see any pitcher go the full 9 innings and throw over 120 pitches. Come on, suck it up. You get paid to pitch, what could be better?

The mind set for pitches has changed dramatically since the days of Feller, Koufax, Gibson and Guidry. It used to be, throw the complete game. Pitch as much as you could and not give in at first sign of fatigue and pain…