Boston Red Sox

Strike Three on Cancer

Jon Lester stood tall upon the mound at Jacob’s Field Monday night to battle the Cleveland Indians, but in reality, the battle has already been won. Different emotions running through his mind, Lester tightly gripped the ball in his left hand, knees shaking, ready to capture the moment. Butterflies in his stomach, Lester starred down at his catcher Jason Varitek, took a deep breath, and fired his first pitch.

    Strike one. The voice of the umpire calling that very first strike had been echoing in Lester’s mind for almost 11 months. The young south paw had his rookie year cut short after being diagnosed with a treatable form of lymphoma. Lester’s doctor informed Red Sox nation that this disease was life threatening, but could also be cured if treated correctly.

Random Thoughts


    Remember in 2002, Michael Vick’s first full season as the Falcon’s starter, when he beat the Minnesota Vikings in overtime after scampering 46 yards for the score. Yeah, me too. I remember watching it on Sports Center again and again. It was like poetry in motion watching the Falcon’s star run left and right breaking tackles at will in route to his game winning touchdown.
    Vick is questionably the most exciting player we have in the present day NFL. When he laces them up, anything can happen, and usually will. But, is there a sadistic, dog fighter underneath the play making Falcon star?


What a Beautiful Game

I don’t get out much. My normal day usually involves myself watching countless re-runs of Sports Center, playing online solitaire, and reciting the lyrics of the South Park theme song. My daily agenda consists of three words; eat, sleep, and repeat. So when a few of my new buddies called me up to play a fun round of golf yesterday, I said, “Hell, why not?”

NFL General

Best of the Backs

Ever since man could talk, it has been an understood fact that drafting running backs early and often is the only way of succeeding in the art of fantasy football, and all other suggestions are destined to fail. I’m pretty sure Jerome Bettis even confirmed it as a man law a few commercials back. Of course there are other ways to build a fantasy champion, but stocking up on feature backs sure can’t hurt. Let’s take a look at the top ten backs, top five sleepers, and five that will plunge to the ground.

Philadelphia Phillies

Mr. 10-000

The All Star break is here, and a much needed rest is given to the hard working ball players in the MLB, but for the Philadelphia Phillies, it is only delaying the inevitable. With their next loss, the Phillies will have 10,000 in their history.

In fact, no team in any sport across the world has every sucked more than the good old fightin’ Phills. During its 125 years of existence, the club has one world series title, that in 1980.

Colorado Rockies

Matt Who?

Matt Holliday, the man nobody knows about, had his coming out party yesterday in the home run derby. Although he did not win the derby, Holliday certainly made a name for himself. He was also one of two Rockies to be selected to compete in this evening’s All Star Game, where the best in the business lace `em up for one big showdown. But why has this man’s achievements gone unnoticed?

Random Thoughts

The Great Mistake

      The 2007 NFL football season is approaching fast, and that can only mean one thing. Fantasy Football is back. It is a life long tradition of many football fanatics to gather at a particular facility, get completely drunk, and pick football players that surely will be dancing in the end zone on numerous occasions this year and help bring home some hardware to the family household.