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6/23 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: The Peasants Are Revolting

We’re a little early again with Poor Man’s PTI this week. Ryan and Vin discuss Boston’s first Stanley Cup in decades and the top sports riots in North America.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Recapping Game 7 and the Bruins’ $156k bar tab.
  • 17 year old athlete caught on camera trying to light police car on fire – bye bye scholarship
  • NBA Draft discussion
  • Top 10 List: North American Sports Riots

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Vin’s list of Worst (Best?) North American Riots

10. Phillies 2008 – Cars flipped, luggage shop looted, that’s just Phillies fans being Phillies fans.
9. Lakers 2000 – Minor on the injury and arrest front but 2 police cruisers burned. But by LA standards, this riot was a walk in the park.
8. Broncos 1998 & 1999– After winning Super Bowl 32 and 33, Broncos fans overturned cars and vandalized buildings. A few dozen arrested
7. Oilers 2006 – 15 people arrested, 9 fires set, and 1 urination.
6. Boston (Redsox and Patriots 2004 or Celtics 2008) – Unfortunately, only 1 person killed in the riots that followed the 2004 AL Pennant, the 2004 Super Bowl, and 2008 NBA Championship.
5. Bulls 1992 &1993 – A combined 1700 arrested after back to back championships.
4. Canucks 2011 – After losing Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, 150 people injured, 100 people arrested, millions in damages, 1 From Here To Eternity photograph faked.
3. Canadiens 1993 – After the Habs won the cup, fans poured onto St. Catherine AKA Stripper Street and destroyed 47 police cars. 168 people were injured. $10M in damages.
2. Pistons 1990 – 7 people died by gunfire and stabbing. 140 arrested and since this was Detroit, about $4 in damages.
1. Tigers 1984 – Only 40 fans were arrested but 100 injured and dozens of cars destroyed. 1 man murdered. 3 women and 27 animals raped. This sets the standard for riots in North America. When you think sports riot, you think Detroit Tigers.

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