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6/15 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Schadenfreude

We’re a little early with Poor Man’s PTI this week. Just pretend it’s Thursday and the Canucks Bruins have already been crowned Stanley Cup Champs.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Lebron, tell me how my Dirk tastes
  • NHL Game 7 preview
  • Complaining about the movies / Alamo Draft House
  • Top 10 List: Championship Droughts

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Ryan’s list of Worst Championship Doughts

10. New York Jets – 1969
9. Boston Bruins – 1972
8. New York Knicks – 1973
7. Toronto Maple Leafs – 1967
6. Buffalo Bills – 1965
5. Cleveland Indians – 1948
4. Philadelphia Eagles – 1960
3. Minnesota Vikings – 1961
2. Cleveland Browns – 1964
1. Chicago Cubs – 1908

3 replies on “6/15 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Schadenfreude”

I love how “Chokers” and “failures” are tagged for this show.

Also, in response to Vin’s assertion that people from Vancouver are just better people than people from Boston:

Oh, and you can move the Canucks’ 40-year drought into the top 10 now. Losing two game 7’s and burning their city down after each one has to count for something.

Ryan, not only are they a better class of people than Bostonians, they’re a better class of criminal.

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