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6/2 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Legit Celeb Sports Fans

Ryan and Vin discuss the NHL playoffs because Ryan is boycotting the NBA Finals. Which means he missed a hell of a game 2 comeback. They also discuss Shaq’s retirement, the Winnepeg Jets, and picking up Bono on the side of the road.

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This week’s topics include:

  • NHL Playoffs
  • NBA Playoffs / Shaq’s retirement
  • Gilbert Bruler picks up Bono
  • Winnipeg Jets?
  • Top 10 List: Legit Celebrity Sports Fans

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Vin’s list of Legit Celebrity Sports Fans

10. Bill Cosby – Temple
9. Jerry Seinfeld – Mets
8. Bill Crytal – Yankees
7. Matthew McConaghey – Texas Longhorns
6. Drew Carey – Indians
5. Bill Murray – Cubs
4. Jack Nicholson* – Lakers
3. Spike Lee* – Knicks
2. Alyssa Milano* – Dodgers
1. Ashley Judd* – Kentucky

* Yes, in all likelihood, Spike and Jack are better fans. But I really don’t want to look at Spike or Jack.

Honorable Mention

  • Stephen King – Red Sox
  • Regis Philbin – Notre Dame
  • Obama – White Sox
  • Snoop Dogg – LA Kings

2 replies on “6/2 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Legit Celeb Sports Fans”

In my defense, I didn’t miss the comeback because I was boycotting, I missed because I was passed out sick.

Sweet friggin’ comeback, though,

F the Heat.

Pittsburgh’s biggest celebrity sports fans:

Steelers: Rush Limbaugh (puke). Snoop, Adam Sandler and even Jake Gyllenhall also claim the Steelers, but Limbaugh is the most legit.

Pirates: Michael Keaton

Penguins: Hillary Duff (LOL) … dded#at=21

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