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5/19 episode of Poor Man’s PTI: Full of Gay

Ryan and Vin discuss gay fanbases, gay athletes, gay off field issues, and how to avoid getting the gay.

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This week’s topics include:

  • Tampa Bay Lightning fans force Bruins to take down hilarious ads
  • Top 8 worst fanbases
  • Whether a gay athlete will ever come out while playing
  • Jorge Posada and the Yankees meltdown
  • Jack Nicklaus’ unbreakable majors record
  • NHL playoffs
  • NBA playoffs

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Ryan’s list of ten biggest off-field stories

11. Zach Grienke’s social anxiety disorder and depression
10. Chris Herren – cocaine, heroin, alcohol
9. Josh Hamilton – cocaine and crack addiction
8. Plaxico Burress and self-inflicted gunshot wound
7. Mike Tyson’s rape conviction
6. Kobe Bryant’s rape trial
5. Michael Vick and dogfighting scandal
4. Lou Gehrig and his disease
3. Magic Johnson’s HIV
2. Michael Jordan’s father murdered and gambling addiction
1. Tiger Tiger Woods yall

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