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CFB Recap of Week 3: Blowouts, Close Calls & Everything Else in Between the 20s

Week 3 finally brought us some interesting games and at the same time offered us the equivalent of paint drying excitement. For twelve hours there seemed to be an intriguing game on, from the SEC battle between the Hogs and Dawgs to kick the day off to the nightcap out west between Big-10 opponent [Iowa] and Pac-10 foe [Arizona]. Get your popcorn ready because we’re about to roll!


  • Ohio State pummeled their way through in-state rival (haha) Ohio, 43-7. OSU’s defense held Ohio to 158 total yards and are playing at a defensive level needed from a national championship contender. But Pryor throwing 2 picks against a JV team is uncalled for.
  • Boise State had a close one on their hands against conference opponent Wyoming, for a couple minutes. Final thumping: 51-6. This is what Petersen would call a “Statement Game.” Just can’t foresee beating up on sub-par teams notching them into the big game. No matter how ridiculous the scores.
  • Mark May (of ESPN) and other analysts were optimistic to see how Robert Griffin III would fare against TCU. I don’t think 65-10 in TCU’s favor was exactly what they were thinking. If RG3 were playing on a talented team things might be quite different but Baylor is Baylor. And like BSU, TCU faces the same task: Trying to prove to voters they belong in the Title Game. At least for their argument their SOS will better than the Broncos.
  • The Mighty Ducks from Eugene have been using a boat oar to smack their opponents around for three weeks. They cruised to victory 69-0 over Portland St. In three games their point differential is: 189-13 while pitching 2 ½ shutouts (held Tennessee to zero points in the second half.) If the season stopped right now they would get my vote to play for the championship.
  • Wake Forest should be banned from traveling across more than 2 time zones to play a game. They were straight up embarrassed by Stanford, 68-24. Andrew Luck only played one half of football and still threw 4 TD’s. I only watched him play 2 quarters but he is the most impressive QB I have seen play this year. #1 overall QB in my book.
  • Alabama had little trouble with the Blue Devils routing them 62-13, don’t worry Duke, basketball season is right around the corner. It only took Mark “Dump Truck” Ingram 9 carries to gather up 151 yards. He definitely did not look like he had been out the previous two weeks. The only thing the Blue Devils’ players can hold their head and say to the Alabama players is: “I look forward to being your boss later in life and don’t think I won’t remember this.”

Close Calls:

  • You know the Sun Devils from Arizona State were kicking themselves (or at least kicking the Kicker) after their stomach-punch of a loss on the road at Wisconsin. A late missed extra point cost them the game, 20-19. Breathe deeply Cheese Heads. All I know is I would have loved to been inside Camp Randall when ASU missed it.
  • One of the best games of the day in my opinion was Clemson and Auburn. Clemson held Gus Malzahn’s offense to 3 points in the first half. Whatever was said in Auburn’s locker room at half worked because they came out and scored 3 TD’s and a FG in the 3rd quarter. Fast forward to OT and we have a similar situation to the ASU and Wisconsin game. Auburn scores first with a FG, Clemson then throttles down the field only to idle at the 10 yd line. “They line up. The snap. Good hold. It’s good! 2nd OT here we come! NOOO! Wait, illegal procedure on the center. We’ll do it again. The snap. The hold. It’s up!…and it’s NO GOOD!” Talk about utter heartbreak. I think the center and kicker rode on top of the bus back to Clemson.
  • Short and sweet: After sending Florida State packing with their tails between their legs, OU barely escape Air Force and their triple option 27-24. The Sooners need to tighten up before conference play starts. And the way Texas is playing, I might read a book instead of watching two overrated teams try to figure it out.
  • Texas A&M’s Jerrod Johnson might have been secretly playing for FIU, seeing as he threw 4 picks in consecutive series. They narrowly escaped though, 27-20. For a team that is supposed to have a Heisman hopeful, he can not go 11-31 if he wants to hold that trophy and contend for the Big 12 title.
  • One of the ballsiest calls I’ve ever seen (next to any number of Les Miles’) came from Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio as he calls a fake FG in overtime while Notre Dame was on top. And the play was called, “The Little Giants”, I guess he would be Rick Moranis, so big bad Brian Kelly is Ed O’Neil? Minus the winning I guess. Final gutsy score: 28-24. It’s OK though South Bend, Charlie Weis is nowhere in sight.

Everything Else in Between the 20’s:

  • Florida had a tough slippery trek up Rocky Top. Even though the final score was 31-17, that does not depict how the game went. The Gators again looked sloppy throughout and if wasn’t for Tennessee being as horrid as they are, Florida would have walked away limping on the W-L tilt. Tennessee needs to find a way to finish games if they want a respectable record this year. Stat of the game: Tennessee scored first against Florida, the first time since 2001. Ewww.
  • Ryan Mallet and Arkansas showed a lot on the road at a very hostile environment, Sanford Stadium, edging Georgia 31-24. What I take away from this game though was Arkansas’ inability to run the ball effectively. When Alabama comes to Fayetteville this weekend they will need a complete offense not just Mallet’s hand cannon.
  • If Michigan plans to play with the big boys of the Big 10 then they need to actually play defense. Giving up 439 total yards to UMass equates to around 1000 for Iowa and Ohio State.
  • Speaking of Iowa, the game against Arizona better get their attention. Getting behind early and coming back showed great resilience but behind the eight ball is no place to live. And when they were back in the game late they gave up 3 consecutive sacks. And that’s Arizona’s D, not Wisconsin’s front 4.
  • Texas better find their offensive scheme quickly. Spread? Pro-style? Just pick one and stay with it. Their defense continues to suffocate other offenses but the D can only do so much. Hey! Maybe they can play offense. Couldn’t do any worse.
  • T- Magic (Taylor Martinez) from Nebraska came away from their West-Coast trip to Husky Stadium looking like the Heisman contender. I think we should start calling Washington’s QB, Jake “The Hurt Locker” Locker. He might not be physically hurt but is definitely mentally hurt not to mention his pride. First half stats for The Hurt Locker: 2-10, 20 YDS, 1 INT.

Final stats: 4-20, 71 YDS, 2 INT. A whopping 3.6 AVG/ATT. Heisman here we come!

One Sentence Thoughts:

  • The Simms brothers stink: Chris Simms cut by the Titans last week and little brother Matt throws 2 picks, sacked 3 times and looked like he should be back playing JUCO ball.
  • Sweat is now wiped off the brow of Vandy and Mississippi State for the honor of being the armpit of the SEC which now lies in Oxford, MS, home of Ole Miss; maybe they should start going by the University of Mississippi now…no one will know.
  • If you watched the Clemson v Auburn game you will agree the Clemson cheerleaders should never again be televised; Attention Clemson cheerleaders: The word homely really means you should stay in your HOME, not in public.
  • I still want to give half of the Michigan team a haircut, free of charge and hell; I’ll float my own ticket to Ann Arbor.

Games to Watch for this Upcoming Weekend:

  • Oregon State @ Boise State: Boise wins handedly, covers spread twice over.
  • Stanford @ Notre Dame: Luck has a DAY against an inferior defense. Stanford by 20.
  • West Virginia @ LSU: If LSU can muster up an offense there won’t be a Big East team in the Top 25 next week.
  • South Carolina @ Auburn: Tough environment and my early SEC championship matchup. South Carolina is better than Clemson but Auburn is better than they played against Clemson. South Carolina wins a close one.
  • Alabama @ Arkansas: Mallet v McElroy. Two Texas boys vying for the top spot in the West. If Arkansas implements a running game I think Arkansas takes it. If not, Alabama by 20.

The season is a quarter of the way through and things are just now heating up. The bottle-necked top should get sorted out within the next month and we’ll then have a clearer picture of our contenders. Or so we think. See ya soon!

Much Sports Love,


RIP Kenny McKinley

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I know you are new at this but, great format easy read and you called all the winners, the spreads on some were off but good job!

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