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August 6 2009 episode of Poor Man’s PTI

We discuss the stupidity that is Vince Young, the MLB pennant race and top 50 coaches of all time. You can download this week’s podcast directly (running time 90 mins) or subscribe to the feed. If you use iTunes, just click here and then click subscribe and iTunes will take care of the rest. This week’s topics include:

  • Troy O’Leary’s wife/ Taya Taylor
  • Is Vince Young retarded?
  • Michael Crabtree threatening to hold out entire year
  • MLB pennant/wild card race
  • Fantasy Football coverage starts earlier every year
  • The top 50 coaches of all time

Trivia Question of the week: Of the venues used in the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, three have been demolished. Two of them are Fulton County Stadium and the Omni. What is the third? (Answer after the jump.) Answer: The Orange Bowl (hosted some soccer games.)

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