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2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 15

The Titans and Giants, as dominant as they appear to be, fall in the rankings, while their friends in the shadows (Pittsburgh) emerge as title favorites.

Yes, I’m starting to believe in the big-armed Ben Roethlisberger and his sketchy offensive line. But not because they can score, pass, run, or intimidate. It’s what’s backing them.

That defense is so imposing, that the only way to beat this team is to play even more sloppy, get even luckier, and simply out last them.

The Steelers, at least for a week, can grind out wins better than anyone in the business, and that mentality might be exactly what they need to stay at the top.

Other notable changes in the rankings:

I hope you have no sorrow for the Green Bay Packers, as they should have seem this coming. Would Brett Favre playing in green and gold mean a better record? I am positive that is true. Would it mean the Packers would be winning their division? Not necessarily.

Aaron Rodgers needs to get through his lumps, sure, but more of the blame needs to be cast on him than already is. There’s excuses abound for him to not be the scapegoat. The defense is awful, the amount of injuries is ridiculous, the punter was horrible, and the play-calling is questionable.

Hey, when your coach is sending your fullback in on a 4th and 1, it’s pretty obvious the fate of your team isn’t always resting in your hands. In other words, Rodgers can’t control everything-so no-he’s not completely to blame.

The Buccaneers take a big dive after losing back-to-back huge games.

The Houston Texans upset the Titans, and are now 7-7. They move up for their solid play and current hot streak.

My wild prediction of the week is…

The Colts will face the Steelers in the championship game.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (3) 11-3 When they need their offense, they come through in the clutch. This team could very well be our Super Bowl champion.
2 (2) 12-2 When they’re going up against the Ravens or Steelers in the playoffs, is this what we’ll get out of Kerry Collins? Yikes.
3 (1) 11-3 Is it just me, or does this team look very beatable?
4 (4) 11-3 They’ve looked impressive in the past four weeks, but are they really ready to hang with the Giants?
5 (5) 10-4 Just when you thought the giant was dead, here the Colts are, back in contention for the division.
6 (8) 9-5 My hat goes off to Matt Cassel’s unbelievable performance following his father’s death.
7 (6) 9-5 Their defense played their heart out against Pittsburgh. It’s clear the offense doesn’t have enough fire power to get it done against elite teams.
8 (9) 8-5-1 They’ve been on a tear since McNabb’s benching, but even running the table doesn’t guarantee the playoffs.
9 (10) 9-5 With each win, the story gets hyped a little more. The season finale against the Jets could become a classic.
10 (13) 9-5 They may not have done it on Favre’s arm, but they got a win they desperately needed. Now, can this team please win on the West Coast?
11(15) 9-5 For all his faults at the end of recent seasons, could Tony Romo have carried himself any better in the Cowboys’ biggest game of the year?
12 (14) 9-5 Where is Tarvaris Jackson, and can someone please check if Michael Vick is in his cell?
13 (16) 9-5 That overtime win over Tampa Bay had enough emotion in it to power a miracle playoff run. But will they get there?
14 (7) 9-5 These last two losses are huge, and probably can’t be overcome. It’s now or never for this aging group.
15 (11) 8-6 Wow. Way to not even show up. I suppose winning your division for the first time in 30 years will do that to you.
16(12) 8-6 This is the best team the AFC West has to offer? Well, we know who’ll be prepping for a first round exit…
17 (18) 8-6 Could they ever have a bigger game than Monday night’s duel with Green Bay?
18 (19) 7-7 For me, it’s official: This is the best offense that won’t be in the playoffs.
19 (17) 7-7 Their loss to the Bears was a perfect metaphor for their entire season: it was a toss-up.
20 (20) 7-7 Maybe Jim Zorn wouldn’t look like he has no idea what he’s doing if he had a quarterback. Or, you know, if he had ever been a head coach before.
21 (24) 6-8 Does this team really have a shot at their division at 8-8?
22 (26) 5-9 They had nothing to play for, yet they strolled into Lambeau and showed Green Bay who was boss. If they can win out, Jack Del Rio saves his job.
23 (21) 5-9 They dominated Miami in time of possession, but couldn’t get it done. That’s what scoring 9 points will do to you.
24 (22) 5-9 I’ve heard all over the place that Green Bay’s lack of success has nothing to do with Rodgers. Seven times he’s had the game in his hands, and seven times he has failed. I’d say their lack of success has a little to do with Rodgers.
25 (23) 6-8 There’s nothing quite like handing a game to your opponent. Buffalo, you’ve outdone yourself.
26 (25) 4-10 In case you were still wondering; last season was a fluke, and Romeo Crennel is not a genius.
27 (30) 3-11 Once again, we get to say they beat the Rams. Hey, a sweep is a sweep!
28 (27) 3-11 How sad is it that their special teams is more effective than their offense at moving the ball and scoring?
29 (31) 2-11-1 I know they won, but really, why is this whole Ryan Fitzpatrick experiment still going on?
30 (28) 2-11 This team is competitive; I’ll give them that. But they have to be kicking themselves twice as hard after this one.
31 (29) 2-12 Where do you suppose Marc Bulger will be backing up another quarterback next season?
32 (32) 0-14 How long before Rod Marinelli sings Bohemian Rhapsody?

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