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Week 16 2008 NFL Picks and Podcast

Here we go with the penultimate week of the regular season. (I love the word penultimate and use it whenever possible because I’m a huge dork.) This is a huge week in the shuffle for playoff spots and we pick all the games as well as the featured games against the spread. The featured games this week are Steelers @ Titans, Falcons @ Vikings, Ravens @ Cowboys, and Panthers @ Giants.

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NFL Week 16 2008 Picks


MATCHUP  Vegas  Vinny  BostonMac  Trevor  RJ Warner
Colts @ Jaguars Colts Colts Colts Colts
Ravens @ Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Ravens Cowboys
Bengals @ Browns Bengals Browns Browns Bengals
Saints @ Lions Saints Saints Lions Lions
Dolphins @ Chiefs Dolphins Chiefs Chiefs Dolphins
Chargers @ Bucs Bucs Bucs Chargers Bucs
Cards @ Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Niners @ Rams Niners Niners Niners Niners
Steelers @ Titans Steelers Titans Titans Steelers
Jets @ Seahawks Seahawks Jets Seahawks Seahawks
Bills @ Broncos Broncos Bills Broncos Broncos
Texans @ Raiders Texans Texans Texans Texans
Eagles @ Redskins Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
Falcons @ Vikings Vikings Falcons Falcons Vikings
Panthers @ Giants Giants Giants Panthers Panthers
Packers @ Bears Bears Bears Bears Bears
Prev Week 8-8 (.500) 9-7 (.564) 12-4 (.750) 11-5 (.688)
Overall 147-77-1 (.656) 153-71-1 (.683) 148-76-1 (.661) 149-75-1 (.665)
LOCKS 6-8-1 7-7-1 9-5-1 3-11


Featured Games Against the Spread


MATCHUP  Vegas  Vinny  BostonMac  Trevor  RJ Warner
Steelers @ Titans (+2) Steelers Titans Titans Steelers
Falcons @ Vikings (-3) Vikings Falcons Falcons Vikings
Ravens @ Cowboys (-4) Cowboys Cowboys Ravens Cowboys
Panthers @ Giants (-3) Giants Giants Panthers Panthers
ATS 17-27-4 17-27-4 22-22-4 17-24-3

Locks of the Week


[Editor’s Note: This year, we’re making the Locks of the Week a little more interesting as we have a side bet amongst the four experts. The person with the most money at the end of the year in Locks betting takes home all the money. Disclaimer: The amounts discussed are for illustrative and entertainment purposes only. Gambling may be illegal in your locale.]

Vegas Vinny: I’m in that deep dark place that all sports gamblers fear. No, I’m not talking about the “RJ Zone”, that is a place too horrible to even imagine. I’m talking about the place where you’re afraid to pick games because of a bad streak. Whereas earlier in the year, I was sure of my picks, even if they turned out to be wrong, I’m now hesitant to give you my lock of the week. I’m go with a safe pick that might be a risky pick or maybe it’s so risky, it’s safe? Who knows. All I know is that the Chiefs are in an even worse place than me. The Dolphins inexplicably can make the playoffs this year and the possibility has Joey Porter and company all fired up. I think they’ll go into Arrowhead and beat the Chiefs by at least a touchdown, even though the Chiefs have played opponents tough this year despite their record. I’ll put $110 on the Dolphins (-4) over the Chiefs to win $100. (Balance= $665)

BostonMac: West Coast team. Nothing left to play for. 1:00 game. Playing the dynasty of the decade, playing for their playoff lives. Possible massive snowstorm on the East Coast. Why am I writing in all sentence fragments? The better question for AFC foes is: who wants to play the Patriots in the first round? You, New York Jets? You, Indianapolis Colts? You, Lieutenant Weinberg? This might be a bloodbath. I’m putting $220 to win $200 on NEW ENGLAND (-7.5). (Balance = $1280)

Trevor F:This is going to sound crazy, but I am going to put $55 on the Lions (+7.5) this
week. Hear me out. They are getting 7.5 points at home. I think Detroit
is going to come out fired up knowing that this is probably their best
chance at a win to end this season. The game is in Detroit so all
thirty-seven remaining Lions fans will be there and fired up. Detroit and
Dan Orlovsky did not look horrific last week. I think Detroit wins this
game outright and at the very least covers that big humber. (Balance = $1285)

RJ: I hate to rag on a guy playing in only his first year, but Aaron Rodgers has been a disappointment, along with the rest of the Packers. I can’t see them regrouping after a losing a road game and playing well in another road game. The Bears (-4) still have math on their side as far as the playoffs go and at home on a Monday night they should win rather easily. $0 to win $0 (Balance = $95)

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