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NFL Power Rankings Week 13

Just when you think you have it all figured out, the surging Jets lose, the Packers blow another chance, and the Panthers and Buccaneers keep winning.

Just what exactly, in this ridiculous NFL season makes sense anymore?

The Chiefs are as competitive as any other team, yet have two wins, and the Lions, much the same, are still looking for their first.

The truth is, last season we had two 10-1 teams (Dallas and Green Bay) in the NFC, with neither representing their conference in the Super Bowl. And in the AFC, the team that went undefeated couldn’t take home the crown, either.

What does this tell us?

Probably nothing. But if we’re going on pure speculation, (which we kind of have to by now) then we can start betting against the Titans and Giants right now.

If the gods were as good to us as we’d love them to be, we’d see the Packers emerge from their division to face the Jets. And maybe it will happen.

But that’s not where my money is.

If I had to dumb this season down to a crazy prediction right now, I’d go with Pittsburgh against Dallas. And in a warped season like this one, that just might be what’s going to happen.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 11-1 Is any team more efficient?
2 (2) 11-1 Do you think they’ve got back to what they’re good at? Yeah, I’d say Lendale White’s morale is just fine.
3 (3) 9-3 Like usual, this team just lines up and hits you in the mouth. They might not be the best, but is there any defense a team would fear more?
4 (5) 9-3 Why do I get the feeling there’s still people not convinced this is a good football team? You can call them old all you want, but that defense can still shut teams down.
5 (6) 9-3 Just when you forget about him for a second, Steve Smith comes out of nowhere to save the day. If Jake Dehlomme get get it together, this team could give the Giants a run for their money.
6 (8) 8-4 It’s never quite as pretty as you’d like or expect, but the Colts are getting back to their winning ways. Manning versus Manning Super Bowl, anyone?
7 (4) 8-4 They were hot, but they ran into a Denver team that needed a win in a bad way. This is more of a wake-up call than a cause for alarm.
8 (10) 8-4 They’ve looked fantastic mopping up on two lesser squads, but we’ll see what happens when they march into Pittsburgh.
9 (12) 8-4 Can a team with a rookie quarterback really get to the Super Bowl? It’s a beautiful thought, but how do you think Matt Ryan will handle himself going up against the Giants? Yeah…
10 (16) 8-4 Joe Flacco is doing his best Trent Dilfer impression, as this Ravens defense is carrying this team to a potential division-winning match-up with Pittsburgh. Things could get interesting.
11 (7) 7-5 Pittsburgh brought out the dog in Matt Cassel. He’s still a ways away from being a difference maker in big games.
12 (14) 7-5 How cool is it for Miami fans that the last game of the season could be for the division crown?
13 (9) 7-5 I understand that Edgerrin James was no longer the answer, but is Tim Hightower any better? This team isn’t going anywhere if it can’t develop a serious rush offense.
14 (16) 6-5-1 Was that an emotional one-week wonder, or did we just see what this team is truly capable of?
15 (18) 7-5 Jay Cutler and Peyton Hillis are providing the offensive balance this team desperately needed. They’ll win their division, sure, but can that defense get it together in time for the playoffs?
16 (20) 7-5 Gus Frerotte tossed a 99-yard lazer to Bernard Berrian and ignited hope in Minnesota. Yep, I’m on the bandwagon.
17 (11) 7-5 In the beginning, I dubbed Jim Zorn an offensive wizard. Now, not so much.
18 (15) 6-6 Every game is huge from here on out. Looking back though, how huge was that no-show on the goal-line in the early going against Minnesota?
19 (17) 6-6 Drew Brees can throw it all over the field all day, but when it gets to crunch time, is any quarterback in the league more disappointing?
20 (22) 5-7 How dangerous would this team be in the playoffs? Yeah, they’re my wild card favorite for next year, too.
21 (19) 5-7 Three time this season Aaron Rodgers has had the game in his hands, and all three times he threw a pick to lose the game. Isn’t this why management was sick of Brett Favre?
22 (21) 6-6 It looks like last week was a fluke, after all.
23 (26) 4-8 If they beat the Jets next week, is Mike Singletary a shoe-in for the head coaching job next season?
24 (23) 4-8 For the first six weeks, I was willing to believe Shawne Merriman’s absence had something to do with this team’s losing. Now, I think it’s because they stink.
25 (24) 4-8 That’s got to sting to have the Colts by the throat and to still lose. Talk about no offense.
26 (25) 4-8 As I said last week, that offensive line is a complete mess. It’s too bad this team is so bad, otherwise Matt Jones could be in the running for comeback player of the year. Cocaine allegations aside, of course.
27 (30) 2-10 They sure aren’t great right now, but the Chiefs have been in most of their games this season, which is building a lot of optimism for next season. Herm Edwards should stick around.
28 (27) 2-10 Prediction: Torry Holt and Marc Bulger aren’t in Rams uniforms next year.
29 (28) 3-9 They can beat Denver, but they can’t get past the Chiefs? I don’t think I’ll ever have this team figured out.
30 (29) 2-10 Is it safe to say rookie tight end John Carlson is the best part of Seattle’s season?
31 (31) 1-10-1 Ryan Fitzpatrick looks so incompetent at times, it’s a marvel that he ever started in college. Carson Palmer really wants to rush back to this?
32 (32) 0-12 Without Randy Moss, Daunte Culpepper is a gimp with a big arm and no accuracy. Calvin Johnson might be able to will his team to one win, and something tells me it comes against Green Bay in week 17.

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Well, Well, Well… Looky here…Last week everyone in your precious AFC East lost, including your beloved Pats…Who’d they lose to?  The Steelers.  Oh yeah, the same team that the Colts beat in Heinz field a few weeks ago, that’s what I thought…Maybe I should make the rankings for you and email them to you ahead of time.  The colts just find ways to win, on the road, even when their not playing their best football…Now that my friend, is the mark of a good team…

afc east First of all, not every team lost in the afc east. The Dolphins beat the Rams.

and learn how to spell.

Thanks for reading!

Haha… I guess it’s no secret I’m from Indy and I’m a huge Colts fan…I’m just busting your chops man…I do enjoy the read and you can bet I’ll be back next week to try to boost my Colts.

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