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2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 11

Another week is in the books, and outside of the Titans and Giants, we’re still unsure of how this season will play out.

Most analysts are positive we’ll be seeing the Titans and Giants square off in the final game of the season, and maybe I’m just seeing things differently, but I’m not completely sold on either team.

The Jets win over New England proves their relevancy, and a win over Tennessee would definitely garner some more national attention. And how about the Giants? Well, with two 6-4 teams in their division, as well as the Buccaneers and Panthers in their conference, they aren’t as safe as a lock as we once thought.

Ok, so where do we go from here?

I think the winner of the NFC North might do some damage in the post-season, but who that will be might not be decided until the final week of the season (the same could be said for the AFC East, as well).

But the most important thing to look at this season is the teams (other than Tennessee) that have come out of nowhere to request to be listed among the contenders.

Yes, whether we like it or not, we may have to start realizing the potential of the Cardinals and Dolphins, and possibly even the Falcons.

One thing is for sure, even after 11 weeks, we still have no idea how this will unfold. That is, unless you’re Merril Hoge, who is still backing the Steelers (and always will), or unless you’re Mike Ditka, who still believes it’s 1985 and the Bears will realize how good they really are.

But it’s too early for predictions, folks. So, for now, here’s where the teams stand. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks before I unleash my post-season predictions. But judging by the way the season has gone, I’m sure I will fall short.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 10-0 Once again, Kerry Collins saves the day. But really, how much longer can he keep this up?
2 (2) 9-1 No one can run on the Ravens, and they had a field day doing so. If you haven’t figured it out, don’t bet against these Giants.
3 (3) 7-3 If it weren’t for their great defense, I’m not sure this team would win more than two games this year. Troy Polamalu is the heart and soul of this bunch.
4 (4) 8-2 If it weren’t for the dismal opponents the past two weeks, the Panthers would be riding a two-game losing streak. Jake Dehlomme is beside himself, right now.
5 (6) 7-3 It’s still a bit early, but it looks like these Cardinals are finally realizing their potential. Kurt Warner should be MVP.
6 (8) 7-3 They don’t wow you with big plays, but they get it done. Jeff Garcia is reiterating week by week that he’s the guy for the job.
7 (9) 7-3 Was anyone else a little nervous when Jay Feeley lined up for the game winner? Yeah, me too.
8 (7) 6-4 Losing to the Jets doesn’t ruin their season, but losing to Miami next week will.
9 (13) 6-4 Peyton Manning is back. For real, this time.
10 (11) 6-4 It was only his first game back, but Romo did enough to install hope back in Dallas.
11 (5) 6-4 I know this one hurts, but Jim Zorn is acting like his team is out of the running. His lack of experience is beginning to show.
12 (16) 6-4 Who would have ever thought next week’s match-up with New England would have “game of the week” written all over it?
13 (10) 6-4 They didn’t make any huge mistakes-they just didn’t get it done against Denver. Roddy White had the game in his hands and blew it.
14 (12) 5-4-1 I’m fine with a tie, but I’m not fine with an NFL player not knowing that the rule even exists. How is this possible? There was a tie just six years ago.
15 (18) 6-4 I know everyone will be backing Tatum Bell (for whatever reason), but I’m putting my money on Peyton Hillis.
16 (14) 6-4 Ray Lewis is officially the worst post-game interviewee after a loss.
17 (21) 5-5 Well, they saved their season for another week, and actually are in the driver’s seat in their division. But will it really matter?
18 (15) 5-5 That was just a beat down. But you had to see it coming sooner or later. That undefeated run Love Smith had against Green Bay had to end sometime.
19 (23) 5-5 Quick question-when’s the last time this team won consecutive games? They are the poster child for inconsistency.
20 (17) 5-5 They win a huge game against the Packers and then turn around and give up their momentum. What a letdown.
21 (19) 4-6 They aren’t completely out of it, but we say that every week. Let me be the chef for a day-this team is done.
22 (25) 4-6 Quinn didn’t win this game, but this team sure does back him more than it did Derek Anderson.
23 (20) 5-5 Scott Norwood, anyone?
24 (22) 4-6 It’s hard to turn your season around against an undefeated team, but that was probably it for Jacksonville.
25 (30) 3-7 If Mike Singletary can string a few wins together, the job is probably his next season. But with Dallas coming up next week, it’s going to be tough.
26 (24) 3-7 If it weren’t for Sage Rosenfels, I would have liked this team to compete for second place in their division. Here’s to Matt Schaub staying healthy next year.
27 (27) 2-8 And we thought the 49ers had problems. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Jim Haslett won’t be back next year.
28 (28) 2-8 Until we see some progress, what’s the point of even talking about this team? Al Davis wants to coach them…Jim Fassel wants to coach them…whatever.
29 (29) 2-8 They made a good run at the Cards’ in the 4th, but ran out of gas. Getting Matt Hasselbeck could get them three victories, but asking for more than that is expecting too much.
30 (26) 1-9 I know the Chiefs aren’t winning, but are we looking at their quarterback of the future? In the name of passionate play, I sure hope so.
31 (31) 1-8-1 Hey, they didn’t lose, right?
32 (32) 0-10 For all those analysts who say a team going winless in today’s NFL is impossible, I suggest taking a look at this team. They keep games close, but seriously, they just don’t know what they’re doing.

6 replies on “2008 NFL Power Rankings Week 11”

Eagles I think you have the Eagles too high.

You know the expression “run the table”? I have a feeling the Eagles will do the exact opposite. I’ve even coined a term for it: fuck the kennel. They’ll screw the pooch every week until they’ve fucked the whole kennel.

Also, it’s nitpicking at the bottom but the Raiders are not better than the Seahawks.

eagles the eagles are not too high.

The Ravens have a rookie quarterback and are not better than them. The same can be said for the chargers and other teams they’re above. If the Ravens beat the Eagles this Sunday, Philly would slide to about 20, and maybe a bit further.

And Seattle vs. Oakland is nitpicking. They are both horrible teams. I put Seattle lower because of their injuries and this being Holmgren’s swan song, and the fact that Jim Mora can’t even keep his secondary in line-much less an entire team. Their “healthy” starting quarterback is just as good (or bad) as Jamarcus Russell right now, and both of their back-ups are inept. There running game in non-existent, and their receivers are guys off the street. (at least for now) it’s a joke.

honestly, outside of the Lions and Bengals, the bottom six are a toss-up.

Also, the less cursing on this site, the better. That’s a bit unprofessional.

And you’re wrong about the Eagles. They’re an inconsistent team, that’s for sure, but they won’t tank. They’re better than that. They’ll be 7-8-1 at the very worst.

Patriots above Colts….?

  1. There records are both 6-4…
  2. The Colts beat the Patriots three weeks ago…
  3. The Colts are coming off 3 straight wins…
  4. The Patriots have lost two out of the last 3…
  5. The Colts have won at Minnesota, at Pittsburgh, and anhilated Baltimore.
  6. The Pats have beaten the Cheifs, 49ers, Broncos, Rams, and Bills. (Oh, and split with the Jets.)


Usually I get on here and comment about your spelling, but I don’t know anyone in their right mind that could put the Pats over the Colts right now…I’m sure your bias somehow, you’d have to be…

bias you make good points, but the Patriots are still in the running for their division, while the Colts aren’t even close

oh, and the colts are inconsistent. we can’t trust them. you should be happy they’re at 9. that’s pretty high for a team that has only shown us a win over pittsburgh as a selling point all season.

using the vikings as a “good” team the colts beat was a sign of desperation and a fairly week argument. it’s a good thing you don’t write this thing.

what are you talking about? Yes, the patriots are still in the running for their division…but so, what…The titans are no.1 in your “oh, so awesome power poll…” and they are undefeated…And since when does that matter in the power poll.  Power polls are suppose to rank the most powerful teams in the league right now, this week…We already saw who was the better team, and the colts are coming off three wins in a row…that doesnt seem inconsistent to me…Maybe they were in the beginning of the season, but we are talking about RIGHT NOW…you have lost your mind if you think your right…every other powerpoll on the net has the colts above the pats…I guess your smarter than all of em’.

ha! clearly, I am smarter than you are. you said your instead of you’re not once, but twice.

and people give me crap for spelling.

also, the patriots offense exploded this week, while the colts struggled to beat an average san diego team.

the patriots are the better team.

and I’m no crazy. you’re just clearly bias.

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