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Week 11 2008 NFL Picks and Podcast

Vegas Vinny wins week 10 with a 12-2 record and hit his Lock of the Week. Vegas is now only 1 game behind BostonMac in the straight up picks. Trevor still leads everyone in the money game.

The featured games this week (picked Against the Spread) are: Jets @ Patriots, Bears @ Vikings, Ravens @ Giants, and Cowboys @ Redskins.

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NFL Week 11 2008 Picks

MATCHUP  Vegas  Vinny  BostonMac  Trevor  RJ Warner
Jets @ Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Broncos @ Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons Falcons
Lions @ Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
Eagles @ Bengals Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
Bears @ Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers
Texans @ Colts Colts Colts Colts Colts
Titans @ Jaguars Titans Titans Titans Titans
Saints @ Chiefs Saints Saints Saints Chiefs
Raiders @ Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins
Ravens @ Giants Giants Giants Giants Giants
Vikings @ Bucs Bucs Bucs Bucs Vikings
Rams @ Niners Niners Niners Niners Niners
Cards @ Seahawks Cards Cards Cards Seahawks
Chargers @ Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers
Cowboys @ Redskins Cowboys Cowboys Redskins Cowboys
Browns @ Bills Bills Browns Bills Bills
Prev Week 12-2 (.857) 10-4 (.714) 10-4 (.714) 10-4 (.714)
Overall 96-49 (.662) 97-48 (.669) 92-53 (.634) 95-50 (.655)
LOCKS 5-4-1 5-4-1 7-2-1 2-8

Featured Games Against the Spread

MATCHUP  Vegas  Vinny  BostonMac  Trevor  RJ Warner
Jets @ Patriots (-3) Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Bears @ Packers (-3.5) Packers Bears Packers Packers
Ravens @ Giants (-6.5) Ravens Ravens Giants Ravens
Cowboys @ Redskins (-2) Cowboys Cowboys Redskins Cowboys
ATS 10-15-3 10-15-3 13-12-3 10-16-2

Locks of the Week

[Editor’s Note: This year, we’re making the Locks of the Week a little more interesting as we have a side bet amongst the four experts. The person with the most money at the end of the year in Locks betting takes home all the money. Disclaimer: The amounts discussed are for illustrative and entertainment purposes only. Gambling may be illegal in your locale.]

Vegas Vinny: I know it was only against the Niners and it was a much harder game than it needed to be but I liked the look of the Arizona offense last week. If they can just fix their Red Zone efficiency, they should be putting up a ton of points. Even with that problem, they’re still #1 in the league in points per game. On the other side, the Seahawks are already planning their offseason. At 2-7, they have neither the talent nor the inclination to play competitively the rest of the way. The team is following Mike Holgrem’s example and just going through the motions.

Even though Matt Hasselbeck and Deion Branch are coming back this week, don’t expect those two to give them much of a lift. Nor can you expect the home field advantage to provide much support. Seattle is only 1-3 at home this year. This team is dead in the water and their defense is in shambles. I think the Cards running attack will have a nice game this week.

Aside from last week’s game against the Niners, the Cardinals will cover the spread when they win a game. Because I give the Seahawks no chance at winning this game, this is an easy pick.

Remember, even when the Seahawks were good, the Cardinals always played them tough. Now that the tables are turned, expect the Cards to bury them and put their claim on the NFC West crown already in week 11. Cardinals (-3) over the Seahawks. I’ll put $110 to win $100 on this. (Balance= $1015)

BostonMac: By the time you read this, this lock probably got cracked, but I’m going to go with the homer pick and take the Patriots at home. A lot of signs point to the Jets winning this big AFC East showdown – the Pats’ loss of Adalius Thomas, the Jets coming off a blowout win over the Rams in which they rested some players, and the revenge factor from the Jets’ loss in September. So let’s look at this bizarre season in the NFL and figure that the opposite should happen. I’ll put $55 to win $50 on NEW ENGLAND (-3.5). (Balance = $1145)

Trevor F: I cannot believe I woke up seeing that the 49ers are favored by six points
and I cannot believe I am making it my Lock of the Week. However, after
watching the Rams-Jets game, I realize now that the Rams are without a
doubt the second worst team in football behind the Lions. Frank Gore will
play this weekend and the 49ers win big. I actually think the 49ers might
be a great underdog play down the stretch of the season as their intensity
level was high against Arizona. $55 on the Niners (-6) over the Rams to win $50. (Balance = $1350)

RJ: Despite all common sense dictating that I don’t jinx my hometown team by picking them as a lock, I just can’t help but love the Steelers, coming off an awful loss to the Colts, to respond with a thorough kidney-punching of the teetering Chargers. My problem last week was a mistake on the Pointless Steeler Stat of the Week, where Indy HAD won in Pit before. This time though, I know that the Chargers HAVE NEVER WON A REGULAR SEASON GAME IN PITTSBURGH (0-12). And before you say they’re “due,” remember that they have won in Pittsburgh in the postseason before (2-0). Since it’s November and not January, the Steelers (-4.5)are a safe bet and I’m going big on this one: $220 to win 200. If I don’t win this one, forward my mail to Cameroon. (Balance = $540)

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