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2008 Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

So much for bringing sexy back. Their cool “Wildcat” offense is no longer surprising or effective, and the Dolphins are back to being the Dolphins again. So, what does this mean for the league?

Well, first of all, it means literally any team can beat any other team. The Chargers, Patriots, Dolphins, and Browns are all you need to look at to believe it. They’ve all beaten and lost to opponents they probably shouldn’t have, and I’ve got news for you. It’s not ending here.

With the St. Louis Rams winning their second straight game over a solid opponent, they become the new Miami Dolphins, and they place themselves back in playoff contention. For now.

The only constant we can rely on in today’s NFL is the Tennessee Titans haven’t lost yet, and that uncertainty is the name of the game. If you’re still in love with the days when Brett Favre was always wearing green and gold, no matter the injury or the weather, then you better start forgetting. It’s time to adapt.

Even when considering Tennessee, it’s time to realize there’s no sure thing in this league. As discombobulated as the Colts seem to be, they’re sure to give the Titans a tough game next Monday. And the week after that the former Oilers get the surging Packers. Can they really make it to 8-0?

In today’s league, it’s anyone’s guess. And as I’ve said all season: Stop guessing, and start watching. This isn’t a tarot card totin’ man’s land. This is for football fans. Leave your bets in Vegas, because baby, you’re gonna lose.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 6-0 They run the football, play great defense, and they have yet to lose. That makes a pretty good case for best team in football, don’t you think?
2 (2) 5-1 There we go. Back to running the ball and shutting down the opposing offense. Anyone else ready to say that loss to the Browns was a fluke?
3 (3) 5-1 Mewelde Moore’s dazzling play of late has begun to make Willie Parker’s eventual return irrelevant. This is a darn good football team.
4 (5) 5-1 The beautiful thing about Trent Edwards is that he doesn’t make mistakes, and he doesn’t lose you games. If he didn’t go down at Arizona, Buffalo could be looking at 6-0.
5 (6) 5-2 That’s two weeks of sloppy football, but at least they won. Jason Campbell still hasn’t thrown an interception this season. That’s just incredible.
6 (7) 4-2 They face a tough opponent in Carolina this week, but their offense can handle just about anything these days. A healthy Anquan Boldin the rest of the way should mean the Cards’ first playoff appearance since the days of Jake Plummer.
7 (17) 5-2 There was talk on ESPN’s First Take that this team could be the best in the NFC. Stephen A. Smith scoffed at the suggestion, and for the first time in my life, I agreed with him.
8 (15) 5-2 They dominate, get dominated, and dominate again. Let’s say the crushing Tampa Bay dealt them was an aberration. For now.
9 (9) 3-3 A healthy Westbrook gives this team a serious chance at a run for the division. Let’s see them get above .500 first, though.
10 (13) 4-2 Matt Cassel looked sharp when he wasn’t curling up into a ball. Still, if it weren’t for those fumbles early in the game how much different of a result could we have seen? Rodney Harrison’s career is likely over.
11 (4) 4-3 You didn’t actually think going with Brad Johnson as the starter would end well, did you?
12 (16) 3-3 The bye week allowed Fred Taylor to rest up and the offensive line a whole week of establishing continuity. Now, what about that whole Matt Jones situation?
13 (20) 4-3 Green Bay dominated Indianapolis in every facet of the game. Peyton Manning reverted to rookie form, and the Packers relied on a surprisingly effective Ryan Grant to control the game. I still need to see so much more to believe.
14 (8) 3-3 Just when you thought they were getting it all together, they implode against a pourous Green Bay defense. They need to call Dr. Scholl’s, because they are so not gellin’.
15 (10) 4-3 They’re still a division leader, but not by much. It seems all those questions about their defense are finally getting answered, and not in the way Mike Shanahan had hoped.
16 (11) 3-4 Enough comparisons to last season. There has to be a line between a slow start and a team just being inconsistent. Aside from manhandling the Jets and Patriots, what has this team shown us?
17 (19) 4-3 I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Kyle Orton is the best player on this team.
18 (18) 4-2 The Falcons will only go as far as Matt Ryan will take them, and by initial accounts, that might be to a division title.
19 (12) 3-4 Once you lose Reggie Bush, you lose an offensive spark that can’t be replaced. What’s to happen to this team in the next 2-4 weeks?
20 (14) 3-3 That was the vintage Favre no one likes to see. If Favre can up his play, this team still has a shot at the wild card, but they need to take advantage of Kansas City this week.
21 (25) 3-3 This game was evidence that this is a solid football team if their quarterback can avoid mistakes.
22 (21) 3-4 That’s where the risk factor comes to life with Gus Frerotte. You normally don’t win games when you throw four picks. Then again, allowing 48 points doesn’t help, either.
23 (26) 2-4 Houston lost to Jacksonville and Indianapolis, both by less than a touchdown, and both divisional opponents. If they hadn’t, they’d be 4-2 right now. With that said, who’s with me on Houston placing second in this division at year’s end?
24 (23) 2-4 Granted, they were facing the Ravens, but perhaps teams are beginning to catch on to this “Wildcat” formation. Ya think?
25 (22) 2-4 If they could clean things up a bit, Cleveland could get back to where they were last season. They’ve been in almost every game this season. They just need to learn how to execute better.
26 (30) 2-4 They’re undefeated under Jim Haslett, and all the major offensive performers have flourished, well, for the most part. How can you not like the Rams right now?
27 (28) 2-4 Their defense was stellar, forcing Favre into bad play after bad play. But really, how did they win this game?
28 (24) 2-5 A once promising offense has turned into a mess. Something has to change in Frisco’, and it probably starts with Mike Nolan.
29 (27) 1-5 So, now we’re down to Seneca Wallace on the totum pole of awful quarterbacks in Seattle. If Matt Hasselbeck still can’t play next week, does Holmgren re-sign David Greene?
30 (29) 1-5 They should have traded both Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson. This team could use all the draft picks it can get, because it won’t be winning anytime soon.
31 (31) 0-6 Detroit can thank Matt Millen for Calvin Johnson, and that’s about all they can thank him for. But hey, that’s a heck of a talent.
32 (32) 0-7 Can we get a bye week and an amen? This team is beyond hurting. Their season was lost three weeks ago.

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