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2008 Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

This season continues to live up to the hype of each previous week with each week that follows it. Even when we’re slated to watch a bunch of mid-level games, they turn out to be nail-biting, last second thrillers.

Seriously, who would have thought match-ups between the Lions and Vikings, the Bears and Falcons, and even the Dolphins and Texans, would have been the best games of the week?

But the most interesting note of all, probably isn’t the odd close games, or the wacky endings (see Dallas @ Arizona), but how about the Browns dismantling the reigning champs, or the Patriots getting embarrassed by the Chargers?

After the Rams get their first win over the previously surging Redskins, just exactly who is for real? Are the Packers, Saints, Jaguars, and Chargers all finally prepared to turn the corner, or will we be questioning their worth after another loss next week?

This all needs to be taken into consideration when piecing together the Power Rankings each week, and since almost every team has been about as consistent as J.J. Redick’s playing time, then it’s safe to say the top then is a tough call.

With that said, I’m vouching for the Colts and Saints, while giving up on the Patriots. I’m not sure what we have in Dallas, Washington, or New York, anymore, especially with all three losing this week, and all to teams that are undoubtedly inferior to them. The only team to win in the NFC East was the Eagles, and they might be the one coming out on top when it’s all said and done.

However, until we do finally come across the final six squads for each conference, we have to go with what we know. Forget the big names, the huge off-season signings, and don’t talk to me about gaudy stats. All I need to know right now is the Tennessee Titans are 5-0, and the only team in the entire league that can say so.

Here are the NFL Power Rankings in review of week six in the NFL:

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (4) 5-0 They’re the only undefeated team left. That has to count for something.
2 (1) 4-1 I thought this was a new and improved Eli Manning? Talk about reverting to your old ways.
3 (6) 4-1 With a healthy Willie Parker due back this week, isn’t it time for the Steelers to play some of that smash-mouth football we always hear about?
4 (2) 4-2 Hey Dallas, how’s it feel to be the only team to lose a game by a blocked punt for a score in overtime? Oh, and how’s Brad Johnson’s 401k, I mean arm?
5 (7) 4-1 Believe it or not, Trent Edward’s status could make or break this team. You don’t honestly think they’re just as good with J.P. Losman under center, do you?
6 (5) 4-2 You can call it a fluke all you want. I say these Redskins got a hefty dose of exposure. It was the Rams, people. There is no excusing that if you want to be considered a good football team.
7 (12) 4-2 It’s looking like the NFC West could send a 6-10 team to the playoffs. With that said, this team is playing some darn good football.
8 (14) 3-2 Ladies and gentlemen, the Indianapolis Colts!
9 (10) 3-3 So, that’s what finishing football games looks like! Boy, it’s about time.
10 (8) 4-2 They ran into a good Jacksonville team that just happens to be desperate. But look at the positives. The defense is getting better, and the offense hasn’t played it’s best ball yet.
11 (11) 3-3 Can we all agree to not talk about the Super Bowl until they’re at least above .500?
12 (17) 3-3 The dominant defense wasn’t expected, but this is the perfection we have grown to love out of Drew Brees and this high-octane offense.
13 (3) 3-2 It’s one thing to lose to the Chargers, but to get flat out beaten? Matt Cassel is looking more and more like he is not the guy.
14 (15) 3-2 It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win. With a cakewalk schedule coming up featuring games against the Raiders, Chiefs, and Rams, these Jets could gain some confidence.
15 (9) 4-2 Just when I started backing the Panthers, they get blasted by the Buccaneers. They couldn’t do anything right.
16 (16) 3-3 They got some help from the refs near the end, but Denver is the last team to complain about that. This team is sticking around, and should make some serious noise in their division.
17 (18) 4-2 It appears, at least so far, that these Bucs are for real. They’ve played well and beaten quality opponents. But which team are they? The Brian Griese Bucs, or the one led be Jeff Garcia?
18 (19) 4-2 Talk about a redemption kick for Jason Elam. This has become an exciting team to watch.
19 (13) 3-3 That had to hurt Kyle Orton to see the Falcons win on a field goal after completing a terrific comeback. That’s just the pits.
20 (20) 3-3 They took care of business and broke the 3-game skid against a poor Seattle squad. For now, that’s what is most important.
21 (21) 3-3 Can Gus Frerotte be written in as a comeback player of the year nominee? He’s playing his 37-year old heart out.
22 (25) 2-3 Can four games of horrible football be forgotten after one flawless victory over the former champs? I say yes.
23 (22) 2-3 Trick plays or no trick plays, this team is leaps and bounds better than last season. They’re a tough match for any opponent. They ran into a truly desperate and underrated Texans team. Bummer.
24 (23) 2-4 It’s beginning to feel like 2007 in San Francisco. I feel another 4-12 season slowly coming on.
25 (24) 2-3 Five interceptions by the rookie Flacco is exactly what this team doesn’t need. They need to fix their offensive woes, and fast.
26 (27) 1-4 Forget about his costly fumble; Andre Johnson was the man on Sunday. And who does Matt Schaub think he is, Michael Vick? What a clutch run on 4th and 2 to win the game.
27 (26) 1-4 They couldn’t keep up with the Packers, even when they were facing a depleted defense. It’s safe to say the Charlie Frye experiment shouldn’t go any further, but it will.
28 (28) 1-3 If we have to keep watching this Jamarcus Russell show, can we at least get a real taste of what Darren McFadden can do? Enough of this Justin Fargas and Michael Bush stuff. Let’s get to the cream filling.
29 (29) 1-4 Well, they managed to hold onto Tony Gonzalez, so that’s something. But something has to change in Kansas City.
30 (31) 1-4 And so the Jim Haslett era begins. The Rams are undefeated with their new coach, and something tells me they’ll play a lot better with him leading the way.
31 (30) 0-5 I said it in the beginning, when the Lions ridded themselves of Mike Martz, they threw away their offense. They need to establish an identity other than playing worse than their opponent. Oh, and Dan Orlovsky, what were you thinking?
32 (32) 0-6 You thought 0-6 was bad? Carson Palmer is expected to miss this week, too. Yeah, it’s one of those years.

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