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2008 Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

The great Miami Dolphins are surging, people. They are taking us all by surprise and laughing in our faces. Not simply because they’re winning games, but because they’re doing it by playing unorthodox football.

And the worst part? The two teams from last season’s AFC Championship couldn’t stop them. So who does that speak louder for; those teams or the Mighty Dolphins?

I, much like you, am “all aboard” for a “who cares” train trip to week six. There are too many disappointing teams that are supposed to be contenders, that a team like this is a real treat. And quite honestly, they’re one of the most exciting teams to watch.

They lost Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor, yet their defense is playing very well, and stuffing offenses that normally dominate teams. And we were dogging the Jets for barely beating this team?

The Fins’ won’t be in the top 5 anytime soon, but their tricky style of “Wildcat” offense has got us, and every NFL team that isn’t undefeated, reeling. They’ve got us all thinking, “Could they really make the playoffs?”. And while it’s unlikely, especially with the Pats’, Jets, and Bills standing in their own division, it is a definite possibility.

So, aside from reading my rankings and sly comments, I beg of you to do one thing: Keep watching. Because as I say each week, it’s only going to get better.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 4-0 They lost their starting defensive linemen and tight end from last season, and are 4-0. Seattle might not be a great team, but 44-6? These Giants are the team to beat.
2 (2) 4-1 I was happy to see Terrell Owens not getting his way. But maybe he should have. That game against the Bengals was way too close.
3 (3) 3-1 Everyone needs to settle down. Aside from one long bomb to Randy Moss, Matt Cassel didn’t look that great. It’s the defense that keeps this team special.
4 (5) 5-0 Their defense is allowing less than 12 points per game, while their offense is registering 23 per game. Enough said.
5 (11) 4-1 When’s the last time you saw Clinton Portis run that freely? Jim Zorn has this team doing some special things. With the rest of their division opponents coming to Washington, the Skins’ could end up being a lot better than we think.
6 (6) 4-1 Can Ben Roethlisberger do any more for this team? And on that note, can we please have Willie Parker back?
7 (4) 4-1 Losing Trent Edwards only minutes into the game probably did them in, but it didn’t look like the Bills’ defense was stopping the Cards’ offense, anyways.
8 (9) 4-1 That’s two straight games of terrible offense for the Broncos. But hey, how about that defense? They just might be coming around.
9 (10) 4-1 I don’t care if it was the Chiefs. A shutout is a shutout. This is a darn good football team.
10 (7) 2-3 I agree with Donovan McNabb, that the Eagles are better than the last two teams they lost to. But where’s the line between being better and losing? This team just isn’t finishing games.
11 (8) 2-3 For anyone who thought the Chargers didn’t need LT to win games, here’s your proof. Just when you thought this team was turning things around, they go and lose to the Dolphins.
12 (19) 3-2 After contemplating retirement, Kurt Warner really stepped up and led his offense to a big victory. For the moment, this team still looks like the division favorite.
13 (18) 3-2 That’s the way you handle a bad football team, and on the road, no less. Kyle Orton is coming into his own.
14 (16) 2-2 So how much did Tony Dungy pay Sage Rosenfals to lose this game?
15 (15) 2-2 Is anyone else excited to see what Favre and the Jets’ offense does for an encore?
16 (12) 2-3 That was a tough loss to Pittsburgh, and it’s not from a lack of effort. They’ll just have to regroup and continue to prove they’re better than their record.
17 (14) 2-3 If you’re not buying Reggie Bush now, I don’t think you ever will. He had the game of his life, only to see his kicker ruin it.
18 (17) 3-2 You can dog Brian Griese all you want, but it’s clear the offense flows smoother with him. Hopefully his shoulder injury isn’t too serious.
19 (24) 3-2 Roddy White absolutely defaced the Green Bay secondary, and Michael Turner had a ton of room to run against the rush defense. The Falcons just out-played the Packers, period.
20 (13) 2-3 That’s 3 straight losses for a team that lost 3 games all year last year. Things are only going to get worse in Green Bay.
21 (21) 2-3 Thanks goes to Ryan Longwell. Gus Frerotte is 2-1 as a starter, and whether you like it or not, he hasn’t looked too bad.
22 (27) 2-2 They just doubled last season’s win total. The season is a success!
23 (22) 2-3 There’s nothing like having your defense become Randy Moss’s little play toy. J.T. O’Sullivan took a few steps back.
24 (23) 2-2 If Flacco doesn’t make mistakes, the Ravens win. If he does, they lose. How does anyone really expect this team to finish better than 8-8?
25 (25) 1-3 They needed this bye week. Up next: A humiliating loss in front of the nation to the Giants on Monday Night Football.
26 (20) 1-3 This team has been disappointing on so many levels. True, they’ve been hit in a bad way by injuries, but the good teams find a way to win, regardless.
27 (26) 0-4 It’s weird, because if it weren’t for Rosenfals, the Texans wouldn’t have even been in this game.
28 (30) 1-3 The week off should give the team time to rest up and regroup after Lane Kiffin’s firing. You could see a different team next week.
29 (28) 1-4 Hey, Larry Johnson, how do you go from 198 yards to 2? I mean, really?
30 (29) 0-4 So, can we finally make the switch to a different quarterback?
31 (32) 0-4 They’ll still be a bad team, but I get the feeling that Jim Haslett will allow the offense to open up a bit more. A little freedom can go a long way.
32 (31) 0-5 You have to admit, they have heart. They really hung in there against Dallas. But what is it going to take to get a win out of this team?

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