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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Brett Favre throwing for six touchdowns does not mean the Jets are going to the Super Bowl. Heck, it doesn’t even mean they’ll compete for their division. With the Bills being 4-0 and a team that’s still pretty good in New England, the Jets have a battle on their hands.

However, this offensive outburst displayed improved communication and chemistry. It showed that with Brett Favre at the helm, this offense can score points, and a lot of them, when it has to. It also showed, that at 38 and with a new team, Favre is still a darn good quarterback.

You don’t score 34 points in a quarter by luck. The Jets defense harassed Kurt Warner all game, forcing four fumbles and three interceptions. Do you think they minded giving up 470 yards through the air and 35 points? Of course not. Their job was done at halftime.

These Jets, at worst, bring some extra life to the AFC. A conference with undefeated teams such as the Bills and Titans, and supposed Super Bowl contenders Jacksonville and San Diego gasping for air in the land of 2-2, is as wide open as it has ever been. And as long as Favre is slinging passes, he’s going to have something to say about it. If you haven’t been impressed yet, have no fear. I have a strong feeling that things are about to get even more interesting…

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (2) 3-0 They won the game that mattered most last season, and they haven’t lost yet this year. Why wouldn’t they be number one?
2 (1) 3-1 One loss and the muzzle comes off of Terrell Owens? Good grief.
3 (3) 2-1 We’ve all had a week to swallow this whole “losing to Miami” thing. Now, can we all agree that it’s possible it was a fluke?
4 (10) 4-0 Everyone out there was expecting Buffalo to lay an egg against St. Louis, especially when the Rams took the early lead. Folks, these Bills are for real.
5 (12) 4-0 They continue to dominate bad teams, so it’s hard to say they’re elite until they at least beat the Colts. But still, that defense…
6 (8) 3-1 If it weren’t for those dramatic two scores within 15 seconds in the third quarter, the Steelers could have dropped to 2-2.
7 (5) 2-2 Chicago has a good defense, so it’s not horrible that they only scored 20 points. But allowing Kyle Orton to throw three touchdowns? Gut check time for this defense.
8 (9) 2-2 What’s more telling; the fact that they were down 15-0 to the Raiders, or the fact that they came back and won? Like them or not, The Chargers have dug themselves out of a 0-2 hole.
9 (4) 3-1 The Broncos simply cannot stop anybody, and when you’re offense goes flat, that means you lose. I wouldn’t be guaranteeing a division crown, just yet.
10 (13) 3-1 Don’t look now, but Jake Dehlomme has two stellar receivers, oh, and two good running backs. Who said double vision was a bad thing?
11 (21) 3-1 Jim Zorn is an instant success. His team is moving the ball down the field fluidly, Jason Campbell is turning into a solid quarterback, and the Redskins beat the Cowboys. What’s he going to do for an encore? Win the Super Bowl?
12 (14) 2-2 Matt Jones is quietly vying for comeback player of the year.
13 (7) 2-2 Don’t tell me about the rush attack, Aaron Rodgers’ three picks, or Mike McCarthy’s conservative play-calling. That’s all been said. Does anyone else realize that his team is getting hit by the injury big in the worst way?
14 (15) 2-2 It seems every other week Drew Brees is good for over 350 yards and three scores. The guy is just on fire.
15 (17) 2-2 Brett Favre is baaaaaaaack! Can you say chemistry?
16 (6) 1-2 An extra week for this team to get healthy and allow Peyton Manning to get back on track? I wouldn’t bet against them.
17 (20) 3-1 They allowed Green Bay one good play, and gave up another touchdown because Ronde Barber slipped. This could have easily been a 30-7 game. Man, does Jon Gruden have this offense rolling with Brian Griese at the helm.
18 (19) 2-2 As much as I hate to say it, Kyle Orton looked solid against a good Philadelphia defense. If the Eagles are supposed to be Super Bowl contenders, then aren’t the Bears in the mix now, too?
19 (11) 2-2 The offense, when Kurt Warner isn’t turning the ball over, is a beautiful thing. But really, when is Warner going to learn how to hang onto the football? Four fumbles?
20 (16) 1-2 Two weeks after every writer in the nation was picking either Arizona or San Francisco to win this division, Seattle is right back in this thing. And they didn’t even play.
21 (18) 1-3 They ran into a good Carolina team and lost, making Gus Frerotte 1-1 as a starter. Next week will tell us if he’s their guy for the rest of the year.
22 (22) 2-2 They ran into a better offense in New Orleans, and simply couldn’t keep up.
23 (23) 2-1 They looked more like they were trying not to lose the game at the end of regulation, rather than trying to win it. Joe Flacco made some strong strides and established a good connection with Derrick Mason. If this the defense and offense can keep this type of balance going, this team could make some noise.
24 (27) 2-2 It’s fairly obvious what’s going on here. Matt Ryan is Two-Face.
25 (25) 1-3 Is anyone, and I mean anyone, actually happy about this victory?
26 (24) 0-3 Matt Schaub and the offense finally came to life, but against the wrong team. Next week is a must win, or you can count this team out of the chase.
27 (28) 1-2 How about we let the Dolphins take a pass on their remaining 13 games, and let them end on a high note?
28 (31) 1-3 Does anyone else get the impression Larry Johnson is on a mission? The guy is absolutely defiling opponents right now. Oh, and how’s an upset win over the Broncos for a “we’re not as bad as we look” campaign?
29 (29) 0-3 They won! Yes, to me, getting rid of Matt Millen is a bigger victory than any win Detroit musters this season.
30 (30) 1-3 Lane Kiffin is out. Ironically it’s a strong possibility that he was the glue holding this team together. This was the last thing this team needed.
31 (26) 0-4 Maybe they should trade Chad Johnson. It’s not like they’re winning with him.
32 (32) 0-4 Going to Jim Haslett was the right move. The only problem is it won’t make a difference. This is the same exact team that went 3-13 last year, except they no longer have Isaac Bruce.

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