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Seasons come and go in today’s sports world, as do predictions and opinions. I, for one have made my fair share of, well, incorrect predictions.

I said the Celtics’ big trades for Ray Allen and KG would not amount to a title, and only cripple their franchise down the road. And quite frankly, those things both could still very well happen.

I also predicted the Packers would meet the Indianapolis Colts in the Super Bowl, with Green Bay prevailing, sending Favre off into the sunset with one last championship.

Obviously, the New York Giants ended that thought.

But what would sports be without competition on top of competition? That’s why we write about, argue about, and watch these games. That’s why fantasy sports is so compelling.

We get to compete without actually ever working for it. Some might say, however, that there is a lot of work that goes into it. And if it’s not work, it’s at least knowledge combined with intelligent guesses.

I know what you’re thinking. That’s what Vegas is for.

But I’m willing to let the dice roll, to be damned if I’m right or be damned if I’m wrong.

So, without further hesitance, here are my 25 bold predictions for the 2008 NFL season.

  1. The New York Giants, as magical as they appear to be, will not be able to hide from the often hyped “Super Bowl Hangover”. Jeremy Shockey and Plaxico Burress are already making sure of that. It’s as simple as this; there will be no repeat.
  2. The Patriots will not reach the Super Bowl. No team has injury luck like they did last year for two years in a row. Not just that, but their aging defense is suspect, and a solid draft class won’t be able to change it.
  3. The New Orleans Saints and the heavily dogged Reggie Bush will have another miracle season, and fall one game short of the big game for the second time in three years. Bush will finally see what he can become by staying healthy and producing more as a return man and receiver.
  4. Adrian Peterson, injury history or not, will dominate the NFC North enroute to a division crown and a playoff appearance. A first round exit is as far as it will go, however, because Tarvaris Jackson simply is not the guy.
  5. Brett Favre will play again. It’s anyones guess where and how much he plays, but he will play, and he will play well.
  6. Peyton Manning, the NFL’s Iron Man, second only to Favre, will go down with an injury. Jim Sorgi’s play will show the Colts they desperately need to think of life after Manning.
  7. Chad Johnson will re-nig on his demands and claims. He will play, but it won’t matter. The Bengals just aren’t that good of a football team, with or without him.
  8. Oregon State alum and Chicago Bear bench rider Mike Hass will emerge from a suspect receiving corps to become a breakout performer before seasons end.
  9. Ted Ginn Jr. will develop faster than expected and notch over 60 grabs for 1,000 yards. All this in an 8 win season for Miami.

(That’s two predictions in one. Gotta love it.)

Side Prediction, unrelated to sports: The new movie starring Edward Norton, “The Incredible Hulk” will be referred to as “that same exact movie Eric Bana starred in just a few years ago”.

  1. Aarong Rodgers will convince everyone that he is the Packer’s guy, right up until he tears his shoulder up and misses the team’s final 10 games.
  2. Whether Jon Kitna likes it or not, the Lions will not win 10 games. (speaking of predictions…)They will, in time, realize that Mike Martz was the only thing that made them go.
  3. Ricky Williams will outperform Ronnie Brown and return as a solid fantasy running back.
  4. Josh McCown will win the Dolphin’s starting quarterback gig and flourish, finally ridding of his “not a starter” label, if only for one season.
  5. Donte Stallworth will not be the “key” addition the Browns thought he could be. (I’m sure we’ll all be shocked) What will be shocking, though, is 33 year old Joe Jurevicious will score near double digits in touchdowns.
  6. Tom Brady, unlike Peyton Manning before him, will follow up his record-breaking season by progressing on it. He will throw 52 touchdowns.
  7. Larry Johnson of the Chiefs will return to dominance, despite his makeshift offensive line, and rule the ground game all season long. All fantasy football managers will wish they had drafted him.
  8. Donovan McNabb, despite already being hurt before the season starts, will play all 16 games, and throw for over 30 touchdowns. Receiver Kevin Curtis will haul in 10 of them.
  9. Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy will be fire after  his injury-riddled team goes from 13-3 to 3-13. Former Packer coach Mike Holmgren will then take over.
  10. Baltimore Raven’s quarterback Troy Smith will start the season and play solid, leading the Ravens to an 8-8 record. He will then suffer former Buccaneer quarterback Shaun King’s fate, and bow out for Joe Flacco to take the reigns the following season.
  11. Jake Plummer will come out of retirement after he is guarenteed the job by the Buccaneers. This will only happen once Jon Gruden admits to himself and everyone else, that while he has  many quarterbacks on his roster, he doesn’t have a true gamer among them. Jeff Garcia, sit back down.
  12. Michael Strahan will come back to the Giants. Because he’s Michael Strahan, and he just can’t live without the attention, and you know, the money.
  13. Kevin Jones, the supposed “workout wonder” will sign with some team and never do a damn thing.
  14. Terrell Owens will dominate once again, along with Tony Romo, as the Cowboys surge into the NFC Championship. There they will meet the Saints, and Owens will torch their secondary all day long.
  15. Atlanta Falcon’s receiver Brian Finneran, who missed the past two seasons with ACL tears, will emerge as Atlanta’s third receiver and be a key weapon in the slot. Chris Redman, not Matt Ryan, will lead the way.
  16. Matt Leinart will finally step out of Kurt Warner’s shadow and become a solid starter in the league. The Cardinals will get over the hump and reach the playoffs, albeit exit quickly, behind Leinart and the still effective Edgerrin James.

The Wild Card Prediction: While the New England Patriots will once again fall short of their goal of winning it all, they will become the only team ever to have two undefeated seasons. That is, until they lose in the post-season.

Good luck, Tom. Hope you still have that boot handy.

4 replies on “Bold Predictions”

Favre and strahan I just don’t get why you think they’ll come back, they said there done. Also, its still the prime of baseball season.

have a sense of humor these are very flexible predictions. they’re much too lofty to be considered even slightly realistic.
this was a humor/sports piece.

a lot of what I said is what I think COULD happen, but I know undoubtedly will not.

however, you may have spoken too quickly. the favre rumors have re-emerged.

thanks for reading.

Another Prediction Favre does not change the Jet’s fortune and they still will be a average team in the AFC Patriots division. Hey, ots not the East anymore

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