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Super Bowl XLII Picks and Podcast

It’s been a long long season and here we are with our final 2007 NFL Picks Podcast. This week we spend half the time on Super Bowl discussion and then transition into more Poor Man’s PTI commentary. For those of you who aren’t subscribed to Poor Man’s PTI, check out the feed.  

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Vegas Vinny: As an Eagles fan and hater of all things Boston and NY, this is a tragedy of a Super Bowl for me. On the one hand, you have the Patriots (Team Smug) going on a historic 19-0 season. On the other, you could have the Giants (and Eli Manning!) winning a Super Bowl. There really are no winners here.

All bias aside, I can’t believe that anyone honestly thinks the NY Giants can defeat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. What’s the reasoning here? It must be the way they really knocked Brady around in week 17. No wait. It must be the coaching advantage they have. No wait. It must be all that Super Bowl experience. Oh, I guess not that either. I love how “we almost beat them a few weeks ago!” is a rallying cry for myopic Giants fans. Listen, it’s not going to happen. The Giants will be lucky not to get blown out from the jump. From a betting standpoint, I’d take the 12-13 points Vegas is giving the underdogs but the Giants have no way to beat this team. Brady, with added protection (hmmm, sounds like a feminine product) with the return of all his starting lineman and Kyle Brady, will carve up the NY secondary that has been playing over their heads. The Giants have beaten Tampa Bay. That’s it. Dallas and Green Bay choked away the other two games. Eli Manning playing mistake free throughout the playoffs? Expect that to end this Sunday.

Now, back to my Eagles bias. Because I’ve resigned myself to the inevitable — that Boston will celebrate another championship — the only good to come out of this Super Bowl will be a total dismantling of the NY Giants. I would love to see a score around 55-10. Go ahead and run up the score, Bill, this time I won’t fault you. Hey, maybe you can nail some one of the Giants’ coach’s wives while you’re at it. I hear you like that Jersey tail.

BostonMac: One of my favorite journalists, Chuck Klosterman, wrote this week that a Super Bowl loss by the 18-0 Patriots would be so much more preferable a story line than the seemingly inevitable win for 19-0. His reasoning was that the human frailty and pathos that accompany losses is more interesting than the dime a dozen braggadocio and antiseptic sameness that would be 19-0. I say sucks to Chuck Klosterman. If the Patriots win on Sunday, their 19-0 cannot be boring, simply because of all the controversy surrounding it, not the least of which is the New York tabloids’ hatred of Tom Brady and recent labeling of him as a “girlie man.” If being a “girlie man” means I get to nail Gisele, make $10 million a year, and play in four Super Bowls in seven years, then I’ll turn in my hetero card today.

But I digress. The football-related reasons why the Patriots will win are that they are simply the better team with the better coach and the better quarterback. The Giants will run on the Patriots and control the clock? Jacksonville, the #2 rushing team in the league, ran for a paltry 80 yards against NE. The Giants will pressure Tom Brady and force him to make mistakes? Brady was sacked once in the Week 17 meeting, completing 32-42 for 356 yards and 2 TD’s. Eli Manning has finally turned a corner and is an elite NFL QB? In Week 17, while Brady was leading his team on three straight touchdown drives to cap the win, Elijah threw a crucial 4th quarter pick that led to the go-ahead score. Check out Bill Belichick’s record with two weeks to prepare for an opponent. Check out his record when he faces a quarterback for the second time in a season. Check out his record as a coach (head or assistant) in Super Bowls (5-1, the only blemish being SB XXXI when Parcells decided he would go to the Jets before the game and sabotaged the game plan). It’s time for Bill to learn how to wear a ring on his other hand since he’s going to be out of fingers. Bill Belichick, somehow derided as evil incarnate even though his team’s culture and ethics reflect everything good and positive about athletics, will get ring #6, and Tom Brady joins the pantheon of Montana and Bradshaw as the only 4-time SB winning QB’s. The Giants are worthy opponents, and the Patriots no longer cover spreads and they NEVER cover the spread as the favorite in the SB. I am saying Pats 30, Giants 21, with the Giants covering the 12 points.

Trevor F: I am picking the Giants strictly so I can be the guy going against the
grain. In my opinion, the Giants have the parts to make this a
competitive ballgame. They should be able to run the football with
Bradshaw and Jacobs and I do believe they will knock Brady down a number
of times in this contest. The twelve points the Giants are getting is
absurd. I think they will definitely cover. Use those twelve points in
an over/under teaser as well. The twelve is a gift right now.

Billy Fellin: Super Bowl XLII, a match-up between a team that everyone was positive would be there (the New England Patriots) and a team no one outside the Swamps of Jersey thought would be there (the New York Giants). I honestly this this Super Bowl is going to be a really good game, these two teams match-up better than most people think that they do. The Patriots are going for perfection, practically everything in the world to play for. The Giants are playing for that trophy, but they really have nothing to lose, which I think gives them an edge. The Patriots, if they win, will be immortal in football history; the Giants, if they win, are going for a fantastic upset, but if they don’t they will be viewed as just another team that the Patriots beat, another obstacle in the way of perfection. I think the Eli Manning will continue playing mistake free football and that the defense for the Giants will be able to get to Brady and force him to make plays with the football to avoid a sack, potentially forcing turnovers this way. Listen to the podcast for the rest of my ramblings on the Giants. As a completely biased pick, I will take the Giants in the upset. Final score: 39-38.

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We have a saying in Pittsburgh… It’s “Fuck Yinz.” That game was frustrating. Try watching it with a bunch of people from greater Boston. Lots of curse words for a Sunday.

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