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Week 13 2007 NFL Picks and Podcast

Last week, we mostly agreed on the picks and it turned out to be a pretty damn boring week in the NFL. This week, we have disagreements all over the place so hopefully we’ll see some good games this weekend. Oh… and have fun listening to Packers/Cowboys on the radio!

The featured games this week are Packers @ Cowboys, Jaguars @ Colts, Chargers @ Chiefs, and Seahawks @ Eagles. You can download the podcast directly (running time 60 mins) or subscribe to the feed.

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NFL Week 13 2007 Picks

MATCHUP  Vegas  Vinny  BostonMac  Trevor  Billy
Packers @ Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Niners @ Panthers Niners Niners Niners Niners
Jaguars @ Colts Colts Colts Colts Colts
Chargers @ Chiefs Chargers Chargers Chargers Chargers
Jets @ Dolphins Jets Jets Dolphins Jets
Lions @ Vikings Lions Vikings Vikings Lions
Seahawks @ Eagles Eagles Eagles Seahawks Seahawks
Falcons @ Rams Rams Rams Rams Rams
Texans @ Titans Texans Titans Titans Texans
Bills @ Redskins Redskins Bills Redskins Redskins
Browns @ Cards Browns Browns Browns Browns
Broncos @ Raiders Broncos Broncos Broncos Broncos
Giants @ Bears Bears Giants Bears Giants
Bucs @ Saints Saints Bucs Saints Bucs
Bengals @ Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers Steelers
Patriots @ Ravens Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Prev Week 11-5 (.688) 10-6 (.625) 13-3 (.813) 11-5 (.688)
Overall 111-65 (.631) 113-63 (.642) 103-73 (.585) 30-16 (.652)
LOCKS 5-7 7-5 6-3-1 2-1

Locks of the Week

[Editor’s Note: This year, we’re making the Locks of the Week a little more interesting as we have a side bet amongst the four experts. The person with the most money at the end of the year in Locks betting takes home all the money. Disclaimer: The amounts discussed are for illustrative and entertainment purposes only. Gambling may be illegal in your locale.]

Vegas Vinny: The Browns are getting the look of a playoff team. They won’t make much noise once they get there in the AFC but their easy schedule makes them almost a lock for a wildcard spot unless they remember they’re the Browns. Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow are finally playing up to their potential and Derek Anderson is the best value in real and fantasy football. The Cardinals are only a game out of wildcard in the NFC but… they are in the NFC.

The Cardinals offense is on a roll too so expect this to be a shootout in the desert as the two offenses go up and down the field. (Take the over). The reason why the spread is so close is because of Arizona’s defense, which has looked excellent at times with Karlos Dansby. But last week’s stinker to the Niners (!) makes you scratch your head. In the end, the Browns offense will do just enough to cover for their league worst defense and pull out a much needed victory on the road. Before you lay down the bet I’m laying down, check the injury report as Edwards did not practice on Wednesday. $110 to win $100 on the Browns (+1). (Balance = $950)

BostonMac: hat was up with Minnesota’s thrashing of the Giants last week? I couldn’t believe the score when I turned the game on. Somehow they put up 41 points, though a good chunk of it was on defense. Getting Adrian Peterson back this week will be a huge factor, though, in increasing their offensive output. With the way Chester Taylor’s been running, Tarvaris Jackson’s effective game management, and Peterson’s return, the Vikes will have a solid offensive game vs. the mediocre-at-best Lions, who are looking less and less capable of getting to Jon Kitna’s 10-win prediction. A month ago I would have wagered a testicle that Detroit was heading for the playoffs; today you’d be lucky to see me put up a slice of appendix. I’ll put $55 to win $50 on MINNESOTA (-3.5) sending Detroit to its fourth straight loss. (Balance = $1070)

Trevor F: I’m going to take the Chicago Bears this week. Devin Hester returning
those kicks and Chicago rallying against Denver I think may have
revitalized their season. The NFL is so wak that somebody is creeping
into the playoffs at 8-8. Why not Chicago? The Bears win this game and
muddy up the NFC playoff picture even more. Eli Manning will continue
doing what he does in the second half of seasons and that is swoon.
Chicago is getting 2 points at home. Hammer them and feel good about
it. $55 to win $50. (Balance = $1130)

Billy Fellin: Cleveland is showing up to play this year. They are in the AFC Wild Card spot (right now) and they are playing a come and go Cardinals team that is struggling to hang on. They lost to the Niners last week (Trevor) in overtime and I just don’t see if they have problems w/a 2-8 team that they can hold their ground against the 7-4 Brownies who come into this game with a huge head of steam, with those hopes of making the playoffs very high. Derek Anderson, Jamal Lewis, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow are doing somethin’ right in Cleveland and Arizona’s defense doesn’t seem to have the talent to stop their offensive attack. I’m taking the Browns in the desert against the Cards, put $110 to win $100.(Balance = $1045)

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