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Week 12 2007 NFL Power Rankings

The Dolphins finally start John Beck and it doesn’t matter. The 49ers switch to Trent Dilfer and it doesn’t matter. Vince Young finally has a good statistical game and it doesn’t matter. None of these teams could win this past weekend.

The fact is, the main thing that helps teams win in the NFL is consistency and continuity. If a team is one-dimensional they will find ways to lose. And for a team like the Titans, now is not the time to realize that when your quarterback plays well, you can expect your receivers to drop all the passes thrown to them. While Vince Young played his heart out against Denver, it didn’t matter. In fact, as Tom Brady so eloquently WON’T tell us, none of this matters. What matters is the Patriots are undefeated and are likely to stay that way until the season is over. And that is why, once again, the Patriots triumph to the top of the rankings, and everyone else just sits and watches as history continues to be made.

Rank (Pv) Team Record Comment
1 (1) 10-0 Can Tom Brady walk on water? Because he can damn sure do whatever the hell else he wants.
2 (2) 8-2 A three point victory against a sub-par opponent at home would regularly drop a team from the number two spot, but not this team. They are severely depleted but somehow keep on truckin’.
3 (3) 9-1 They’re doing a heck of a job in keeping that Super Bowl talk going. If they can split these next two road games against Detroit and Dallas they’ll be in prime shape for the playoffs.
4 (4) 9-1 It was a relatively close game, but they once again did what they had to against a hungry division foe. That Romo to Owens connection is quite a thing to watch.
5 (6) 7-3 With a healthy David Garrard back in the saddle and a December 12th re-match with Indianapolis, this team has a good shot at stealing their division.
6 (7) 7-3 They took care of business on the road against a team who hadn’t lost at home all season. What a way to forget about blowing that game against Dallas.
7 (5) 7-3 Boy, that has to hurt. They were in prime position to steal the Colt’s playoff bye, and they blew it. And against a 1-8 New York Jets team, no less.
8 (11) 6-4 Talk about a lucky bounce. Phil “Pin Ball Machine” Dawson saved the day, catapulting the Browns into solid wild-card positioning.
9 (12) 6-4 That’s the Ronde Barber we’ve all grown to know and love. With Carolina and New Orleans spiraling out of control, Jon Gruden has his team poised for a division crown and a return to the post-season.
10 (9) 6-4 Dropping two in a row heading into a huge showdown with division leading Green Bay was not a good idea. Forget about the division. This team just needs to focus on winning another game.
11 (13) 6-4 This team is Steve Young’s pick to represent the NFC in this year’s Super Bowl. I don’t know about all that, but with their remaining games all coming against teams with .500 or lower records, he might not be far off.
12 (8) 6-4 Vince Young had arguably his best game of the year in a losing effort, but at a huge cost. The season finale at Indianapolis may no longer be as big as we thought it would be.
13 (18) 5-5 This was a statement game. The Broncos are still alive in their division and they are not lying down. Jay Cutler is leading this team in a big way.
14 (15) 5-5 It took A.J. Feeley’s heroics to keep Philly from being Miami’s first victim. A.J. Feeley. No, you heard it right.
15 (17) 5-5 You can thank Antrel Rolle for that one. You don’t have to right now. You can save it for after Arizona beats Seattle on December 9th and takes the division.
16 (10) 5-5 Philip Rivers continues his disappointing play, yet the Chargers are atop the division. What the hell is going on in the AFC?
17 (16) 5-5 Joe Gibbs let Jason Campbell loose for 54 pass attempts, which actually wasn’t a bad thing. Not running the ball, which is the Redskins bread and better, was.
18 (22) 5-5 Getting Andre Johnson back was huge, and not a moment too soon. But 5-5 and at the bottom of a tough division? That’s rough. Their schedule is bittersweet the rest of the way. Every game is against playoff candidates, but three of those games are against divisional foes.
19 (14) 5-5 No one expected them to beat New England, but 56-10? All the momentum of that 4 game winning streak has officially been drained.
20 (21) 4-6 Brodie Croyle played well in a tough environment, and it’s baby steps in the right direction. But losing by a field goal to a team as depleted as the Colts; there is no moral victory in that.
21 (19) 4-6 Just like the girl three stores up in a hotel at Mardi Gras, this team has been a tremendous tease.
22 (25) 4-6 Chester Taylor made everyone in Minnesota forget about Adrian Peterson for at least one week. What a win for this team, just when you thought they had nothing going.
23 (20) 4-6 They played Seattle tough, but that fumble by Grossman late in the game killed them.
24 (23) 4-6 It’s nice to see Vinny Testeverde playing well, but he clearly was no match for that Green Bay defense. Carolina has dropped four in a row.
25 (29) 2-8 It wasn’t as pretty as last week, but that’s okay. They got it done against a team that, I can’t believe I’m saying this, is worse than them. That’s two in a row for the recently winless Rams.
26 (26) 4-6 Kyle Boller played his heart out behind an offensive line that gave him zero protection. Giving up 6 sacks to a team that had 10 all season is just embarrassing.
27 (27) 3-7 It’s pretty obvious that neither Harrington or Leftwitch can carry this team. And how many games can we really expect Dunn to do the same?
28 (24) 3-7 You can thank Carson Palmer for this one. Two interceptions for touchdowns? That is not how you dig your team out of a hole.
29 (31) 2-8 Was it a fluke? Probably. But whether it was a win to build on or just the Jets exposing the Steelers for what they are, it doesn’t matter. With that said, should Mangini have been THAT happy to win only his second game of the season?
30 (28) 2-8 Even if Alex Smith is healthy, he still shouldn’t be playing. But Trent Dilfer? There is no excuse for a San Fransisco squad dropping 8 in a row.
31 (31) 2-8 You can’t expect Daunte Culpepper to beat both of his former teams.
32 (32) 0-10 All that yelling and screaming for John Beck, and we finally got our answer: it doesn’t matter who plays quarterback for Miami. They still stink.

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