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Impressed- Depressed- Unmoved – Week 11 of the College Football season

Ron Zook for Coach of the Year? Michigan loses again? Goodbye Dennis Franchione? Alex Ferguson looks back at Week 11 of the college football season….IMPRESSED


Wow. What a performance. Not only did they make a rather good Ohio State look extremely ordinary with their speedy offense, but they kept the ball away from the Buckeyes for all but one minute of the fourth quarter….on the road. Think Ron Zook’s a crappy coach NOW?


OK, so I know that Chad Henne only lasted a couple of series and Mike Hart didn’t even play. But even then, `Big Blue’ wouldn’t have had a prayer against this Wisconsin team last Saturday. They were awesome in a 37-21 victory – a far cry from their slapping at Happy Valley a few weekends ago.


Knowshoun Moreno? Know this, people. If the true freshman can stay for another three years after this one and stay injury-free, then Georgia WILL contend for the SEC Title and National Championship. He was that freakin’ good. I was frankly amazed. Oh, and I loved the blackout, too. Better than the Penn State White Outs I’ve witnessed? Perhaps not. But cool nonetheless.

Mississippi State

Sly Croom’s team are eligible for a bowl after beating an Alabama team that battled LSU until the end. They took advantage of John Parker Wilson’s ill-advised throw, and then held onto the end. Was this the same team that got beaten by the Tigers 48-0 at the start of the season?


Tim Tebow. 2008. Heisman. I’m done.


Darren McFadden may have run for 101 yards, but it’s a far cry away from the 300-odd he run up against South Carolina. Tennessee – now an SEC East favourite after their 34-13 win – are back, creating three turnovers and non-stop problems for the Razorbacks.

Southern California

Not only was I impressed that they won on the road in Cal, but they managed to do it in the rainstorm of rainstorms. If John David Booty, linebacker Brian Cushing et al had remained fit all season long, could this have been a team that would have run the table? You decide.


KU weren’t afraid to get into a track meet with Oklahoma State, showing how good they are on the road. Todd Reesing’s a pretty good quarterback, isn’t he? If they beat Oklahoma and Missouri, then this team deserves a National Championship bid.


Last week they are beaten like a redheaded stepchild in giving up 70. This week they play the school bully – as they have often in their Big XII history – and put 70 up on Kansas State. While it’s only K-State, it was nice to see the `Huskers answer the critics.


Boston College were a pretty good defense before Maryland put up 472 yards and four touchdowns on them. And they did manage to do this without their leading rusher, second-best receiver and NFL-bound linebacker. Not bad Terps, not bad.

Virginia Tech

Facing yet another heartbreaking loss, Tech put up 20 points in the fourth quarter to put away the Seminoles. It may not have been sexy, but it sure was effective. And it gave Frank Beamer his first victory against the `Noles. If they beat Virginia on November 24, they will the South.

Michigan State

My friend Howard’s been so angry since MSU lost against Michigan that I hope this cheers one up. If this doesn’t, then I’m sure the fact that they put 500 yards on the Spartans and hammered the home team 48-21 will.

Navy/North Texas

It’s not every day that two sides put together 136 points, over 1,300 yards of total offense. Navy, for the record, beat North Texas 74-62 in a cracker, coming back from 42-24 down to claim victory. I’m exhausted just writing about it.



In the same way as I can’t believe Ohio State originally went to #1 by virtue of beating Kent State, I still can’t believe that LSU are #1 at the time of writing by virtue of slapping Louisiana Tech.


Now that OSU have lost, the Sooners now within a legit shot of a National Championship game. We’ll see after the KU/Missouri showdown in the Big XII Championship game – which I can confidently predict they’ll be attending.


Can anyone believe people are STILL talking about Colt Brennan as a Heisman hopeful? Well, at least the Warriors are unbeaten – but that may well all change when they get together with Boise State.



The last couple of times the Michigan Wolverines played on the road, they battled to victories against Ilinois and Michigan State. But at Wisconsin – without their greatest weapons in Chad Henne and Mike Hart – for most (Henne) and all (Hart) of  the game, they weren’t wonderful on offense. And on defense? Let’s just say ouch.

Texas A&M

Goodbye, Dennis Franchione. Sure, this game against Mizzou was closer than many thought it would be – until the Tigers rattled off 16 fourth quarter points.


Quick note to the suddenly accident- prone Tide quarterback John Parker Wilson: if you are going to throw to someone in the endzone make sure he’s got the same shirt as you and isn’t a lightning quick cornerback.


There is a quote that goes: “Good teams win close games”. This season Vandy have lost its fourth game by under 11 points. So what does that say about Vandy? Hell, at least they are 5-5 and in with a prayer of winning a bowl bid.

Penn State

If they play as badly as they did against Temple, then my Nittany Lions are going to lose against Michigan State, and lose comfortably.

Notre Dame

Two service academies in two weeks and a 1-9 record (that’s worst in school history) to go with it. Niiiice. Stanford could well make it the big T-E-N.

Boston College

Two weeks ago we were talking National Championship. Now, Eagles fans will be overjoyed if they get to the ACC Championship game.


On the last day of the Orange Bowl, methinks most of the country wanted the Miami Hurricanes to at least bow out of the stadium gracefully. After they were beaten 48-0, they didn’t even do that.

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