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Impressed- Depressed- Unmoved: Week 10 of the College Football season

Week 10 already? Alex Ferguson talks about his highs and lows on the tenth week of the NCAA Division I-A college football season…IMPRESSED

Florida State

It’s funny, I was in this bar in London and this guy tells me that Florida State football won’t be anything until Bobby Bowden leaves the sidelines. After the `Noles upset Boston College 27-17 in an impressive performance, methinks he’s eating his words right now.


In a contest that truly lived up to its billing, LSU and Alabama battled each other in one of the games of the year. Although it was an Alabama error which effectively gave victory to the Tigers, Crimson Tide fans needn’t hang their heads in shame….. `Bama football is back.


Yes, we know that their defense is more suspect than OJ Simpson, but hey, Dennis Dixon and that offense can fly, right? They made an above-average (up to that point, anyway) Arizona State look incredibly ordinary, and we love the crowd – is there a louder one in college football?


I expected Kansas to beat Nebraska, but I didn’t quite expect them to hammer the Cornhuskers 76-39. Todd Reesing’s six touchdown performance deserves a bit of love, too. Roll on Missouri.


Darren McFadden had 357 all-purpose yards in the Razorbacks’ victory over the Gamecocks. That’s right folks…357. Fellow running back Felix Jones wasn’t bad either as the two put together a 541 yard rushing performance. Wowed? I certainly am.


The Huskies are furious that no-one has given any love to their one-loss football team. After trouncing Rutgers 38-19, isn’t it time for a bit of love to those wonderful furry dogs?


Hate to say it but this week, you did well Michigan. While Michigan still aren’t a wonderful team (Oregon and Appalachian State both proved that), they are finding the winning feeling – again and again. Chad Henne was a hero on Saturday, throwing for four touchdowns on an injured leg – the stuff of legends. Sad to say it won’t come to much against Ohio State though.


As seems to be the case for most of the season, this comeback was the stuff of legends. Down 35-14 in the fourth quarter, the Longhorns looked dead and buried. But Colt McCoy led another fantastic comeback, and the Longhorns are in with a healthy shout of a Big XII title…if Oklahoma can just lose.


With Chase Daniel keeping this sizzling offense going, the Tigers look virtually unstoppable. Daniel’s five touchdown, 421 yard performance was wonderful- although road games at Kansas State and Kansas may not be so easy for him.


Ohio State

While the Buckeyes don’t have any further to rise, the Badgers are falling fast. They might be #1 because they are unbeaten, but Buckeye Nation- have you played anybody?


After they beat Troy, you could either a) be happy about the fact that Georgia’s offense put up their second successive 40 point game, or b) worried that they gave up 34 to Troy, who really aren’t great shakes.


Michigan State

Isn’t it typical of this rivalry that Michigan State should take a big lead against their crosstate rival and then lose? Would the Spartans PLEASE find some fourth quarter defense?

Texas A&M

Everyone predicted that Dennis Franchione’s side would get hammered, and they were right. If the Aggies don’t beat Texas, the Aggies will be looking for another coach. If, of course, they aren’t already.


From being a Top 10 ranked side to a side that’s not even thought of as a Big Ten contender, the Badgers’ stock has been falling fast. If only LJ Smith had kept himself out of trouble (he’s on police charges that mean he can’t travel out of the state), then maybe things might be different. Mind you, if the Badgers had any secondary, things might be different too….


Why is it always the case that the Boilermakers start off like a racehorse and finish like a three-legged donkey? Joe Tiller’s team have been awful since they fell apart at home to Ohio State. An improvement is needed. Fast.

Notre Dame

Well done, Notre Dame. In losing to Navy you even surpassed yourselves this year. Look out! Here come Stanford!

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Connecticut has 1 loss Otherwise, it is a pretty good article.  You know some people in here don’t like the “Methinks” and I have one true edit:

“…Aggies will be looking for another coach. If, of course, they aren’t already.” – Should be one sentence, not two.

Michigan likely going to BCS Rose Bowl This is going to tick most of you off, but if Michigan beats Wisconsin and Ohio State beats Illinois, then Michigan is already locked for the Rose Bowl.  Either they go as the Big Ten champ in the unlikely event they beat the Buckeyes, or they go as the Big Ten #2 as OSU will be on their way to the Championship Game.

Eat your hearts out.  Gotta love that Big Ten commissioner.

Actually,… …they go even if they lose to Wisconsin as long as OSU beats the Illini.  Hail to the Victors!

Umm…. Actually they don’t. Should OSU go to the NC game, then the Rose Bowl would have their choice of any at-large team in the top 12 of the BCS. There is no way that Michigan will go to the Rose Bowl with three losses and if they do, I will never watch another college football game for as long as I live.

Enjoy your last games Future seasons will miss you bud.  Do your research.  The Big Ten commissioner pretty much created this mess and the Wolverines will be this year’s beneficiaries.

Happy Now? Michigan lost their chance last week when Illinois beat Ohio State meaning the possibility of Ohio State being in the national championship game is very low, despite this week’s win.

No one needs to rub this in on me.  I really don’t believe Michigan ever deserved to be in a BCS game based on this season.  I was merely pointing out at the time that it was a distinct probability.  Thankfully for the BCS, the impossible happened and they only have to tolerate OSU in the Rose Bowl.

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