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Week 7 2007 NFL Picks and Podcast

Week 6 was a decent week for us here at Sportscolumn. The picks weren’t great with a few minor upsets in the books but if you followed our Locks of the Week, you won $150.

The featured games this week are Vikings @ Cowboys, Steelers @ Broncos, and Colts @ Jaguars. You can download the podcast directly (running time 70 mins) or subscribe to the feed.

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NFL Week 7 2007 Picks

MATCHUP  Vegas  Vinny  BostonMac  Trevor  RJ Warner
Ravens @ Bills Ravens Ravens Ravens
Bucs @ Lions Lions Bucs Bucs
Titans @ Texans Texans Texans Titans
Patriots @ Dolphins Patriots Patriots Patriots
Niners @ Giants Giants Giants Niners
Falcons @ Saints Saints Saints Saints
Cards @ Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins
Jets @ Bengals Bengals Jets Bengals
Chiefs @ Raiders Chiefs Raiders Raiders
Bears @ Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
Vikings @ Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Bears @ Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles
Rams @ Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks
Steelers @ Broncos Steelers Steelers Steelers
Colts @ Jaguars Colts Colts Jaguars
Prev Week 6-7 (.462) 7-6 (.538) 8-4 (.667) 7-6 (.538)
Overall 51-38 (.573) 57-32 (.640) 51-38 (.573) 51-38 (.573)
LOCKS 2-4 5-1 4-1-1 4-2

Locks of the Week

[Editor’s Note: This year, we’re making the Locks of the Week a little more interesting as we have a side bet amongst the four experts. The person with the most money at the end of the year in Locks betting takes home all the money. Disclaimer: The amounts discussed are for illustrative and entertainment purposes only. Gambling may be illegal in your locale.]

Vegas Vinny: I’m back on track after winning $100 on the Eagles last week and I’m looking at another small road favorite this week. The Ravens might not be pretty at all to watch but they certainly get the job done. The Bills choked away a sure victory with some terrible play by Trent Edwards and a defense that didn’t realize the game lasted more than 55 minutes. The Ravens might not be an offensive juggernaut (although expect a big game from Willis McGahee in his return to Buffalo) but they have shown that they can put up some points against their opponents. Even if they have to get another 5 FGs from Matt Stover, they will be able to outscore the Bills by 3 points. The Bills are scoring 18 ppg but with their 23rd ranked rushing and 31st ranked passing, they will be lucky to put up double digits against the Ravens. The Ravens got 5 INTs last week vs the Rams. Expect at least 2-3 against Trent Edwards as his offensive line won’t even given him a chance to think about his passes. I’m putting $55 on the Ravens (-3) on the road to win $50. (Balance = $975)

BostonMac: You might think I’m crazy, but I think the Jets getting 6 points against the Bengals is a gift from the gambling gods. Sure, the Jets’ offense has been below-average this year, but how much of a sieve has the Bengals defense been? This game is going to be a shootout, and with Rudi Johnson a complete non-factor this season (so much for my first-round fantasy pick), Pennington and Jets have as good a chance as any to put up some points on the Bengals. Hell, if Derek Anderson can do it, why can’t Pennington? Kellen Clemens could do it too, if Mangini wises up and decides to go with the young QB of the future. I lost on my unorthodox backdoor cover play last week for my first defeat of the season, but I’m looking to get back on the horse this week by putting $55 to win $50 on the NEW YORK JETS (+6) to stay within 5 games of the AFC East-leading Patriots and at the very least cover this one, and I’ll pick them to win too. (Balance = $1245)

Trevor F: My 49ers are getting 9.5 points this morning and I think that is a little
much. Coming off the bye week they should be fresh for this week’s
matchup with the Giants. On the flip side, the Giants are coming off a
Monday night game. I see the 49ers keeping this one close and possibly
pulling off the upset. The Defense has been great in San Francisco. The
offense with Trent Dilfer at the helm has just been atrocius. With the
week off, you would think they get better. $55 on the Niners (+9.5) to win $50.
(Balance = $1145)

RJ Warner: (Balance = $1140)

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