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Playoffs in 2008? A Look At The NBA’s Eastern Conference

NBA training camps kick off on October 1st and the regular season opener tips off on Halloween. Many teams made some changes and improvements while others rosters remained stuck together like glue, what is the right thing to do? Will it be enough to get into the playoffs this year? Here is look at who has a shot at the playoffs and a title for the upcoming 2008 NBA season.Atlantic Divison

Boston Celtics
The Boston Celtics vastly improved this off season, adding much needed firepower in the form of All Stars Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. The Celtics now have a deadly three headed beast in the form of Allen, Garnett, and Paul Pierce. The Celtics will make the playoffs with ease as they strut their way through their Eastern Conference schedule. They should be a contender to win the Eastern Conference Championship.

New Jersey Nets
The Nets didn’t make any big acquisitions this off-season, so they didn’t improve their mediocre team too much. Jason Kidd is getting old and Marcus Williams, his backup, hasn’t shown that he can be consistent enough to take over if Kidd goes down. Richard Jefferson’s health will be an issue and hasn’t been reliable for half a season for a few years now. Vince Carter is the key to this team; if he can shoulders the load and plays the way he is still capable of this team has a shot at the playoffs, if he doesn’t, it’s a long off season for the Nets. They miss or make the playoffs by 1 or 2 games.

New York Knicks
The Knicks got rid of one headache in Steve Francis for another in Zach Randolph. Randolph could help the team on the floor, if he never leaves his house or even looks outside at the trouble he could find in the city; the addition of Randolph likely means less time for David Lee, who at times last season was their best player last season. Stehpon Marbury has been flaky and Isaiah Thomas has been spiraling gout of control like a gunned gown plane. It would be very beneficial to the league if the Knicks were back in the playoffs, but this team has to many distractions, it won’t happen.

Philadelphia 76ers
This team is very talented but just too young to make the playoffs this year. They have a great point guard in Andre Miller and a great scorer in Andre Iguadola, they also a good shot blocking center in Samuel Dalembert. They lack experience; players like Rodney Carney, Thaddeus Young and Jason Smith won’t provide the vets enough consistency for this team to play. No playoffs, but they will be close at the end of the season.

Toronto Raptors
Chris Bosh is turning into a good player and Tj Ford is a speedy point guard. In a weak east this team can again make the playoffs behind these two leaders, plus they will have the shooting Andrea Bargnani and Jorge Garbajosa. Not making the playoffs would be an utter disappointment for this rising team.

Central Divison

Chicago Bulls
Luol Deng is an Allstar this season, Ben Gordon is one of the top scorers in the league, and Kirk Hinrich is a solid point guard. This is a very deep team that can defend and score, Scott Skiles has turned this team into a contender. They should easily make the playoffs and will probably contend for a title this year.

Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cavs have a good mix of young talent and veterans. Lebron James can do everything offensively but they still need a reliable point guard. Larry Hughes is solid scorer and defender, and Sasha Pavlovich is a good backup; also, Shannon Brown will develop into a solid player this year, furthering their depth ath the 2. The have a strong frontcourt with Donyell Marshall, Drew Gooden, Anderson Varejao and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. This team is deep and talented and will make the playoffs, but they probably won’t make it as deep into the playoffs as they did last year.

Detroit Pistons
The Pistons have of the top Point Guards, shooting guards, small forwards, and power forwards in the league as well as a deep bench. Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Tashaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace, Antonio McCdyess, and Jason Maxiell make a solid at team all over the court. They also have strong rookies in combo guard Rodney Stuckey and 2 guard Aaron Afflalo, who should both contribute to this team’s success this season. They will make the playoffs and contend for the title.

Indiana Pacers
Jermaine O’neal is still a strong center, but he fell off a little last year. Danny Granger has become a good player as well, but this team just does not have enough to make the playoffs. They probably will not come close.

Milwaukee Bucks
If this team stays healthy they should make the playoffs; they are too talented not too. Maurice Williams is an excellent scoring guard and Michael is one of the best shooters in the league. Andrew Bogut plays his role and does the dirty work cleaning the glass. Charlie Villanueva. If Bobby Simmons can play this year and they all stay healthy, they the playoffs are in their horizon, but they might be fighting for the last spot, it will be close.

Southeast Division

Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks are an up and coming team in the NBA. Their problem is that they are still just so young. They finally have a point guard in Acie Law and a nice rotation in the frontcourt with Al Horford, Shelden Williams, Josh Smith, as well as Marvin Williams and Josh Childress spending time at the 2 and 3. Joe Johnson is still their best player and they are finally putting some young talent around him. It will be close with this team, they might be able to sneak in like an assassin and take the final spot for the playoffs in the last few games. If they can play with some consistency I think they finally make it to the next level this season.

Charlotte Bobcats
The Bobcats are very similar to the Hawks, a lot of young talent, just less big men but better shooters. The addition of Jason Richardson gives them another scorer and shooter to go along with Gerald Wallace and Matt Carroll. Raymond Felton has plenty of shooters to distribute the ball to but no post threat to spread the floor; Emeka Okafor is turning into a solid big man but he has limited offensive skills; Sean May is always injured, so you can’t really count on him. They have a lot of talented players but they won’t make the playoffs; if Adam Morrison steps up his game this year he could be a big scorer off the bench for them, which could push them over the hump and into the playoffs.

Miami Heat
Shaquille O’neal is at the end his career, so he will probably be less productive then he was last year. If Dwayne Wade is 100% from injuries last season they will make the playoffs, if not, it could look like the first three months of last season all over again. This team is just too old to really do any damage, but if they are healthy they will make the playoffs.

Orlando Magic
This team’s success will sit on the huge shoulders of Dwight Howard. If he can improve a little offensively on the block he will be close to natural disaster for the rest of the NBA. The addition of Rashard Lewis really helps Howards game, because now he can kick the ball out to Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu is he gets double teamed and make teams pay for leaving them unguarded. If Jameer Nelson or Carlos Arroyo can step up at the point this team should make the playoffs.

Washington Wizards
Two words, Gilbert Arenas! Arenas has supposedly made 100,000 shots this summer, if that’s true he will kill even more teams then he did last season. If Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison stay healthy the Wizards have plenty of options on offense, plus add in solid 2-guard DeShawn Stevenson and super-freak athlete rookie Nick Young this team can score with the best of them. Their problem is on defense, which is a word not found in their diction. If they stay healthy they make the playoffs with ease, that is, of course, unless Arenas plays a little too much online poker and goes bowling too often causing him to lose his concentration on basketball, then they might not make it, but that is unlikely.

There are many teams that will put up a fight like Floyd Mayweather to get into the 2008 NBA playoffs, but only eight teams will get it in and participate in the postseason. Here is my Eastern Conference playoff picture.

1-Detroit Pistons
2-Chicago Bulls
3-Boston Celtics
4-Washington Wizards (Arenas seems incredibly determined)
5-Cleveland Cavaliers
6-Toronto Raptors
7-Miami Heat (almost slip again this season? I think so)
8-Milauwakee Bucks (barely)

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Please change… The Shaquille O’Neal from Shaq o’neal

and look at the editorial mistakes at the end of the piece.



Still undecided I like the content, although I cannot imagine the Nets not being in the top 8, but something is missing in the style.  You have a few typo’s and fluidity problems.

I’ve always felt that writers had a responsibility to follow the rules in the use of puctuation, structure and spelling.  Fragmentation can be used, but it also needs to be properly marked so readers are advised when correct formatting is being bypassed.

As chat-talk on the Internet and SMS messaging become more a part of our society, the art of properly using the English language in written form is being lost on the newest generation.  You could present this same article without changing any words and my perception of it would be different based on where you put commas, periods and capital letters.  Nonetheless, there are also some language errors too.

If you would allow e-mails (or e-mail me) then I would be willing to take 15 minutes for a proper edit.  There’s no sense in me tackling this here in the chat boxes.

I hope you’ll take this in the proper spirit and I’ll look forward to your positive response.

Thanks I’m glad someone reads these closely. The mistakes aren’t IM or chat related, it’s that I didn’t proofread after the first division. I meant to check it but ran into some time constraints and completely spaced it, but thanks for paying close attention to it, there are some things I need to fix.

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