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Impressed- Depressed- Unmoved – Week 3

It’s Round Three of my feelings on the third college football outing of the season….IMPRESSED


Both sides came out and battered with each other with such pride that you would have thought the ends of the earth were at stake, with both sides coming back from deficits only to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory. Bama’s John Parker Wilson showed great poise at the start and end of the game, and Darren McFadden’s running for the Razorbacks showed why he’ll be a Top Five pick come next year’s draft. If the SEC is going to be like this all year, then I’ll be happy.


Florida crapped all over Rocky Top this week, running away with 59-20 victory. Sure, their defending will probably get found out against LSU in October, but watching their offence is so much fun.


The Utes demolished big-ranked, big-time UCLA, turning them into a shadow of the team that beat Southern Cal last season. Inspired by a defence that caused five turnovers, Tommy Grady had a career day, throwing for 243 yards and 3 touchdowns. Sure, the Bruins weren’t good, but this is a hell of a scalp for a mid-major.


They may have lost, but they continually worried what is meant to be a vaunted Wisconsin defence, scoring 31 points in the process. True, they couldn’t deal with the running prowess of P.J.Hill, but Duran Lawson’s four touchdowns for the Bulldogs will continue to give them great hope. Walkover they ain’t.


It’s over! The Nation’s worst losing stream is over! And on the road too!


Two woeful defences or two wonderful attacks? You make the decision. Whatever, it was another cracking advertisement for college football. With every play virtually an adventure, both teams went for it. They had to didn’t they? Their defenses just weren’t good enough to deal with two NFL-bound quarterbacks (Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson). With over 600 yards of total offence and nearly 75 points between them, it seemed the right decision for everyone, including neutrals like me watching in awe.

Ohio State

The Buckeyes dismissed any thoughts of a possible upset in the second half by outscoring the Huskies 31-7. Running back Chris Wells proved why he’s such a highly-touted running back, putting up 135 yards, and Todd Boekman’s slowly proving that there’s life after Troy Smith. The truth for the Buckeyes will come when they play Penn State and Michigan at the end of the year.


Before you say it, I know that they played a terrible Notre Dame side. But still freshman quarterback Ryan Mallett was a joy to watch in his first full game, and we Mike Hart’s 187 yard rushing performance was equally awesome as he came good on his guarantee of victory. Will Hart be mouthing off before Penn State descends on The Big House later this week? Me thinks not.

Southern Cal

“And the Trojans have found their running back!” said Brent Musberger as Stafon Johnson barreled through Nebraska’s defence, compiling 144 total yards as the Trojans’ rushing offence pounded the Blackshirts. Not only that, but the Trojans ‘D’, despite missing Brian Cushing, choked Sam Keller and his Huskers’ ‘O’, adapting from an early touchdown deficit to stifle their opponents until the fourth quarter.

Boston College

It’s not only the fact that the Eagles have Matt Ryan (435 yards, 1 TD) at quarterback that they’ll probably win the ACC, but their defence is pretty awesome too. On the road against the ranked Yellow Jackets, they limited key running back Tashard Choice to just 31 rushing yards and hassled Taylor Bennett non-stop.



Yeah, they won their games against Utah State and Middle Tennessee by a country mile, but look at their opponents. I’ll be impressed if Oklahoma and LSU produce the same sort of form on both sides of the ball against the likes of Texas and Florida.


For all my badmouthing about the Longhorns in recent weeks, Texas have managed to pull out victory after victory. Colt McCoy’s improving with every game, and now Jamaal Charles is getting in on the act, Texas might be OK this year. Having said that, the defence is still no great shakes, giving up over 300 yards to a less than highly touted UCF offense. If things continue like this when Red River Rivalry starts, then Oklahoma will win in a cakewalk.


Notre Dame

If it couldn’t have gotten any more depressing after the Penn State debacle, the Irish’s 38-0 demise at Michigan has made matters that much worse for Charlie Weis. There’s nothing up front to stop defenses blitzing Jimmy Clausen all night long, and the defence can’t stop a good offensive tackle and a strong running back like Mike Hart. Mark May predicted that the Irish may start 0-8 this season, and by the look of it, he won’t be wrong.


Kirk Ferentz’ boys were predicted to be a dark horse in the Big Ten, but after losing to the Iowa State Cyclones (who, let’s face it, had hardly distinguished themselves this year with losses to Kent State and Northern Iowa), the tone of the steed has just blackened…a lot. Jake Christensen only managed 118 yards passing, and the rushing game never got on the ground. On this evidence, Wisconsin will provide the Hawkeyes with loss #2.


It’s not the fact that I’m particularly depressed for the Tigers that they lost a second tight game, it’s how bad they looked in doing it. Starting quarterback Brandon Cox was given his marching orders after throwing two interceptions, and replacement Kodi Burns wasn’t wonderful either. They are badly missing Brad Lester at running back, and they couldn’t defend the run. They should go 2-2 with a win against New Mexico State, but I don’t fancy their chances in The Swamp against Florida.

Penn State

As one Penn State fan put it, any college football team could go 3-0 against Buffalo. But would any college football team have had the problems the Lions had? Awful during the first half, the Lions only got into gear late. Austin Scott and Rodney Kinlaw didn’t exactly make jaws drop at running back, and Anthony Morelli seems to have gone backward since his exceptional performance in the Outback Bowl. We’ll see at Michigan on Saturday.

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penn state will win convincingly this week. mark my words.

and if you believe in due factor, they are more than due for a big one.

Even as a massive Penn State fan (which I am) You’ve gotta be nervous. How bad was the fourth quarter defence against Buffalo?

of course you are nervous cause any  game at the big house for any team is a touch game, no matter how bad michigan is playing. just look back 2 yrs ago, you know what i mean. but i think you will see fir the first time in a long time a penn state offense that allows morelli to air the ball out and use those recievers and now that quarless is back at tight end, they should do that cause lets face it. the line isnt very good, they are average at best, scott is sketchy like he always has been and who knows if kinlaw can repeat that performance again. they know morelli can throw the ball, why not take a shot?

but as far as the defense the first 2 touchdowns came vs the 2nd string defense and the last came vs our number one, but it was the first all year… it was bound to happen at some point. i think the 1st team came out a little early there in the fourth, but then again i also believe they were very tired because if you watched the game you know they were on the field alot, especially in that first half. the defense is fine… #2 in total defense this year dont forget that!

Er… Listen, I’m as nervous about the big game in the Big House as anyone ….I’m a PSU fan after all…

private message me on [email protected] and we’ll discuss.


Carr’s Job = winning the rest Bad Notre Dame team or not, 38-0 is a convincing score.  Carr needs to win the rest of his games including Ohio State and a Bowl Game to really be secure in his job going into next season.  Based on this week’s performance, we cannot rule out the possibility of him doing it.

Good Luck Alex.  We’ll talk after the game.

Utah UCLA How are you not impressed by Utah, or at least a little depressed by UCLA’s showing. The Utes beat the Bruins with all their best players out, the starting QB, half back, O tackle, and top wide receiver and they still spanked UCLA 44-6.

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