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Reggie- what are you thinking?

The Boston Celtics have a new big three in the form of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. Now they have to try and fill out the roster with guys who can win, so they to turn to Reggie Miller? That makes sense, right? He’s only 42 and hasn’t played for two years. I wonder who Reggie has talked to about this that know him well, maybe the TNT crew? That would be an interesting conversation, it might go something like this. Reggie Miller: “The Celtics just got KG and Ray Allen to play with P double Paul Pierce; they have a shot to get to the finals in the eastern conference. I think I could help them. What do you think Kenny?”

Kenny Smith: “What are you talking about Reg, you can’t even beat me in a shooting contest, and I’ve been out of the league for a long time”

Reggie: “It’s rigged when I play you, besides, All Star weekend doesn’t count. With the Celtics I could just stand there and shoot”

Kenny: “Yeah, because you’re getting time on the court with Allen and Pierce on the team, right?”

Charles Barkley: “Yeah Reggie, you be an idiot; you would probably lose to Ernie Johnson right now. I want a ring too but I’ve see them highlights of me and Bavetta racing, it was ugly like your big ears, that’s why I never got a crazy idea like returning to the league.”

Reggie: “Shut up Chuck, Krispy Kreme is down the street, go get a doughnut. I can do this; I could help the Celtics win a title”

Charles: “Yeah, and I’m gonna win the US Open and get paid to golf!”

Kenny: “Reg, you couldn’t help the Pacers win a title in your prime, what makes you think you can help the Celtics get there.”

Reggie: “Cause they wont need me to score all the time, I can just come off the bench for a few minutes and shoot threes. I can ride the big three to the finals and maybe get a ring.”

Kenny: “That’s crazy man, Boston might not even be good enough to beat Detroit in the playoffs, the finals aren’t even guaranteed. Give up this idea of playing again and get back in the booth with Dick Stockton or Marv Albert, or better yet, why do you just take a break from the game and go hang out with Dan Patrick; he’ll get lonely since he can’t talk to ya every week on the radio.”

Reggie: “Daniel will be fine and I can do games for TNT next year. I think I really can still play.”

Charles: “You’s a dummy, Reggie,… you’s a dummy.”

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I’d take Reggie Hey, give em a break!  I’d take Reggie for my team.  Of course, I play once a week in a pick-up game for fat old men.  Crap!  Guess I just lost the argument, didn’t I?

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