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Mr. 10-000

The All Star break is here, and a much needed rest is given to the hard working ball players in the MLB, but for the Philadelphia Phillies, it is only delaying the inevitable. With their next loss, the Phillies will have 10,000 in their history.

In fact, no team in any sport across the world has every sucked more than the good old fightin’ Phills. During its 125 years of existence, the club has one world series title, that in 1980.
It all started on May 1st 1883, when the team lost its inaugural game. At the end of the 1883 season, starting pitcher, John Coleman lost 48 games himself. To be honest, my scorching 60 mph fastball may be more impressive than his was. From the years 1938 to 1942, the dreadful team lost at least 103 games each year.

As Barry Bonds looks to set the homerun record shortly after the all star break, you can’t help to think some of the other records set in the past. For the Phillies, most of those records aren’t too jaw dropping. In 1930, the pitching staff put together an ERA of 6.71 for the season. And in 1961, they had 23 consecutive loses during the regular season.

Three years later in 1964, the Phillies actually put together a quality season and were looking forward to the playoffs. With 12 games to go and a 6.5 game lead in their respective division, the Phillies demonstrated why losing is just a way of life for Philadelphia. The team lost 10 straight games to finish the season, blowing the pennant and their playoff dreams.

Suspect managers, countless owners, questionable trades, and just flat out lousy teams have all contributed to the ability of the Phillies to lose, and lose a lot.

Being a hardcore Philadelphia basketball and baseball fan as I am, success does not come often. Instead it is just a taunting hint that disaster is right around the corner in a city where defeat has become almost acceptable. No city with sports teams in the four major professional sports have gone longer without a title. In 1983, the Philadelphia 76ers hoisted the NBA trophy. That was 24 years ago. Philly fans have been waiting for another title for years.

The loyal fans, including myself, still love our Phillies (except Pat Burrell of course). And even though we only hold one world series title, compared to the Yankees 26, our fans stay strong. And even though players such as Curt Schilling and Scott Rolen have gone off to other teams to win championships, our fans stay humble.

After the All Star break is over and the games continue, the Phillies will surely lose a game eventually, and they will have 10,000 loses in their franchise. And even though we will be the first to 10,000, at least were first in something. For once.

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fandom “Being a hardcore Philadelphia basketball and baseball fan as I am”

Your screen name is Giantsfan227. Whether that represents New York Football or San Fran Baseball or Jolly Green Giants, I don’t know. Please tell me you’re not a Philly basketball and baseball fan as well as a Giants football fan.

Nevertheless, good article on a sad topic.

sorry to inform u yes unfortunately i am, i know it sounds weird but ever since I was little, my grandparents who lived in Jersey have had NY Giants season tickets so while liking the other Philly teams, I have always been a big new york giants fan

I dunno… this one really did nothing for me. It was just like you were spewing out facts and none of which had many details. It was also a little short. And I still don’t understand how you can be a Philly and New York fan.

im sorry but thats how it is

there completely different sports so get over it haha

Yes i live near philly and love the phills and sixers, but i have been going to giants games since i was 8, so of course im going to like them

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