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The Great Mistake

      The 2007 NFL football season is approaching fast, and that can only mean one thing. Fantasy Football is back. It is a life long tradition of many football fanatics to gather at a particular facility, get completely drunk, and pick football players that surely will be dancing in the end zone on numerous occasions this year and help bring home some hardware to the family household.
               I am no different; just don’t tell my dad about the getting completely drunk part, he might take it the wrong way. As I prepare my draft tools, strategy guides, and magazines for this year’s anticipated draft, one thought comes to my head; “please Bobby, please don’t make the same mistake as last year.”

   My 2006 fantasy football team is a team that I wish to forget. On draft day, I was confident, perhaps a little overconfident. I was focused, intense, and ready to go. As I made my way into the draft room wearing my collared t-shirt that displayed my championship titles of 2002 and 2004, I was certain that this was my year. And I will be the first to admit, damn, I was wrong.

     Based on results from the previous season, my team was assigned the 6th pick in the draft. My turn came quick and when it was my time, I stood up proudly and announced my pick to the fellow league members. “Edgerrin James,” I exclaimed, obviously happy by my choice. It may have been the undercooked pepperoni on the pizza that made me forget the Cardinals poor offensive line and the fact that James doesn’t have the speed he used to. Or maybe it was just that I am a complete idiot.

    A few minutes and two orders of French fries later, it was my time to show off my knowledge again. The golden rule in fantasy football is to start off your draft with two work horse running backs to build your team around, unless you are drafting Peyton Manning. Being the new school risk taker that I am, I decided to shake things up a bit. With a few big name running backs still available, I proceeded in breaking the golden rule, and selecting Daunte Culpepper. After two picks in the draft, I was all smiles, except that pepperoni was really starting to upset my stomach.

            My first two picks in the draft combined for five total touchdowns throughout the year.(In the fantasy football regular season.) Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh , Charlie Batch, who started one game and appeared in a few others, had five touchdowns himself. You can imagine the agony I went through all year.

            Back at the draft, I was now biting into a medium well cooked filet mignon. I was already positive the championship was in my future so I treated myself for making such valuable 1st and 2nd round picks.

            When I was on the clock for the 3rd round, I had a tough decision to make. Either select the proven, but aging Marvin Harrison or go with the young, fast Chris Chambers. I chose Chambers mainly because of the double dose of points I would receive every time he scored, having both him and Culpepper. Harrison finished the season with 1,336 receiving yards and adding 12 touchdowns. On the other hand, Chambers had 677 yards and only crossed the goal line 4 times.

            My first half way decent pick came in the 4th round when I took Roy Williams. After having a sub-par first half of the year, Williams really picked it up in the 2nd half. Unfortunately for me, by this time, Roy Williams was no longer part of my horrific team because of the blockbuster deal that involved him in week 8. This was possibly the first time in Fantasy Football history that a player demanded a trade. I sware, I still have the text message saved that Roy sent me.

     In desperate need of a quarterback, I gave away Williams for Alex Smith. Apparently, Roy Williams was happy with the deal, as he played like a pro-bowler the rest of the season. I guess the fantasy football Gods really had it out for me.

            The draft went on, and more picks were made, more beers were chugged, more cheese steaks shoved into mouths, and more and more did I think this year’s team was a winner. As it turns out, I finished dead last in the league and am now afraid to leave my home because of the embarrassment. Why do I feel like the Oakland Raiders?

            This year, I am determined to redeem myself. I am studying harder and ready to be the king of fantasy football once again. But let this be a lesson to us all. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. It will make your football season a living hell, not that being a New York Giants fan wasn’t enough.

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Pretty Good  I like the story. It has a good mix of irony, wit, and valuable information. Although, why did you post the story twice?

fix clevland in the last paragraph please. and i voted down the other article because it is the same thing, but i will wait to vote on this one.

editing i dont know how to edit the stuff, can you tell me please. I will fix Cleveland and delete the other copy of this same story but I just don’t know how to

looks like someone fixed it for you. but for future refrences all you have to do is click on your story and there is a little edit button in there somewhere. keep writing and good giants!

thanks i fixed it myself i looked around and found it. Thanks though. I am new to this site and don’t really fully understand it yet so I was wondering why isn’t my article on the voting page anymore? Thanks again

one of two things it means either your story got voted down or got posted. you should have received an e-mail that stated one of the two options, or you can just look under your stories (right side of website) and see if it got posted and what section depending one what topic you are writing about. let me know if this helps!

actually i just checked for you, your story got posted in the nfl section of the website. click that tab at the top of the site and your story will be there. congrats and go big blue!

thanks again thanks man. does this mean its now in the running for the contest

it sure does. if you click up on the july writing contest right near where it says SportsColumn up on top you will be able to see where your story ranks in there. good luck!

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