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Now that the world is back to spinning on it’s axis and Lebron James is slowly coming down off his high from getting to the Finals, we can clarify some things. First and foremost, Lebron James is STILL not Michael Jordan. He’s not even Kobe Bryant. Granted, what he did against Detroit and throughout the playoffs was unbelievable, and downright special, but it wasn’t Michael. It was, well, what we expected. You cannot bring this much hype to the table as the so-called “face of the NBA” and not win some playoffs series or get to the final series. And yes, Kevin Garnett, that means up until now your career and all of it’s accomplishments mean nothing. But really, to take that next step, Lebron needs to win the whole thing. Not next year. Not in three years. This year. The difference between Jordan or Kobe and James? Not that James has never won a title, more, the other two guys never lost one.Lebron James has the satisfying feeling of reaching the Finals without a Shaquille O’Neil or Scottie Pippen at his disposal. And please do not bring that garbage to me that “Mr. Lithuania” Zydrunas Ilgauskas or Drew Gooden are respectable running mates. And Daniel Gibson? Please. Lebron got this team to the Finals almost completely on his own merit. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Without James, Cleveland would be a lottery team, maybe winning 20 games a year, and that’s if Eric Snow shoots well, or doesn’t shoot at all.

Now that we got the objective out of the way, now for the strategy. Sure, King James ruled the court on the Eastern side of the league, but one could definately argue that just about anyone can do that in today’s league with such disgusting disparity. So what does a superstar do?

First, he has to play his heart out, even more-so than he has been doing. He has to anchor a defense that will have to rise out of seemingly nowhere to match wits with the Spurs, one of the toughest defensive teams around. He’ll have to make sure Ginobli and Parker don’t shoot wide open jump shots, while struggling to make his own while Bruce Bowen gropes him to death.

Second, he has to do what he has been doing, oh, so very well. He must lead this team. And that might be the most difficult part. On the other side is Tim Duncan, who can will his team to victory in 4 games if there isn’t something done about it.

Hopefully that embrace James and Ilgauskus had after beating Detroit was because Zydrunas promised to “D” up Duncan, and not just playground joy. Either way you look at it, these games that follow will form the legend that is Lebron James, and hopefully separate him from comparisons to other greats, such as Kobe or Michael. Yes, I am saying it here and now. After Cleveland defeats San Antonio in 7 games, it will be Lebron James, not Lebron Jordan, that we see dominating the league, wearing that coined number 23.

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