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By Billy Fellin

    Dizzy is what happens when you spin around on a tire swing or a rotating chair too long. Dizzy can happen when a beautiful girl walks by and you turn your head so fast to catch another glimpse. That could also be filed under whiplash. Any one else think there should be a HANS-type device that could prevent this? Can we get a ruling on this? Ok. Moving on, dizzy also happens to be a very good song by the Goo Goo Dolls. Dizzy is also how Yankee fans are currently feeling after the three game sweep in Fenway this past weekend.
First off, I would argue that ESPN gives way too much airtime to the rivalry. Yes, it is a great time and certainly causes some fights, words worthy of having ones mouth washed out as well as family/friend rivalries that cause people to stop talking to each other entirely during the duration of a Red Sox-Yankees rivalry. But like Trevor said in his article, there are other things going on that warrant more airtime than a first month of baseball match-up between Boston and New York. The fact that the Dallas Stars almost pulled off a historic comeback in their first round series against the Vancouver Canucks, with Marty Tirco of the Stars practically being a brick wall and posting a shut out in the game that brought the series to 3-3, took a back seat to Dice-K entering the rivalry. As much as I like ESPN, they really need to tone down all the drama surrounding this series.

And I almost would have liked the toned down media coverage, after the results of the games. A three game sweep of the Yanks, first time Boston has pulled that off in some 17 years. Hey, it’s better than 86. Granted, A-Rod (oops I said his name, ah well you should be used to it by now) blasted the Red Sox pitching, but the Yankees still lost. He is having a phenomenal April, one of the best in history, yet the Yankees are still in fourth place with only the Devils Rays having a worse record. 2 games below .500 and the Red Sox series only brought the fact that the Yankees are hurting thus far in the baseball season.

People are continually asking how the Yankees aren’t doing better than 8-10, with A-Rod going yard practically every game, or close to it. Well this is very easy; just, as many teams have discovered in the past, one player can’t carry a team. A-Rod can hit 10 HR’s in a game, but if the pitching and defense lets up 11 runs, then those HR’s didn’t really do much except get the New York Times and the Post off Rodriguez’s back. So the rest of the line-up has to step up, both offensively and defensively, but the pitching really has to step up. Chein-Ming Wang returns off the DL, which can only help the Yankee rotation that had 3/5ths of its starters on the DL during the three game set in Fenway. Mussina is next in line to come back to the rotation and Pavano after him, so hopefully the Yankees pitching woes end once Pavano gets the band-aid off his arm and comes back to pitch.

So where does Yankee Nation go from here? Well, for the starters, take a look at a calendar: its only April. There are still 5 long months of baseball left and a lot can happen in that time. Perhaps its better that the Yankees have had these kinks in the start of the year, as they can bounce back from a bad start very easily, rather than loosing Mussina and Pavano in August or early September. The Red Sox and Blue Jays got a rocket shot out of the gates to the start of the season, however they can, and historically have, slowed and sputtered down the stretch, which also bodes well for the Yankees.

I’m not preaching to not panic, because if the Yankees play like they did against the Red Sox, with a healthy rotation or not, this will not be a successful campaign. However, getting the rotation healthy should bring the Yankees back into contention. The quest for the club’s twenty-seventh championship was slow out of the gate, but the notion certainly isn’t a dead one.

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ESPN should also stop broadcasting the games in Japanese. Nice article–it’s good to know that there are people who arent jumping on this ridiculous SEASON’S OVER FOR THE NYY! bandwagon.

thanks i agree, i know they are trying to be multicultural and whatnot, but i think its a little bit overboard

Nice article, …but I have a hard time agreeing with any song by the Goo Goo Dolls being referred to as “very good.”

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