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The Chargers’ terrible move

By Joshua M. Boraz

As a fan, I am a band wagon jumper. I did not root for the Chicago Bears because I grew up in Chicago from 0-8. I don’t root for the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox because I lived in New Hampshire and went to UNH from 17-22. I don’t root for the Atlanta Hawks because I reside in Milledgeville, Georgia and Atlanta is the cloest city. If I root for a team, I do it because I like the moves they made in the off-season, regular season and their overall general direction that they take with their franchise.

So something dramatic must have happened in order to change my football preference from San Diego Chargers.

Did they lose RB LaDanian Tomlinson to a knee injury in the celebrity all-star game? Did QB Phillip Rivers break his elbow in the Pro Bowl? Has Antonio Gates suddenly turn into a slightly more talented version of Saints TE Mark Campbell?

No, no, no, I’ll stop picking on the Saints. I’m sorry. It’s not player related.

It’s because the Chargers hired the worst possible candidate to replace Marty Schottenheimer: Norv Turner.

Norv Turner has nothing going for him. He hasn’t had anything going for him in almost 10 years (since he was with the Dallas Cowboys in 1993).

Here are 3 reasons why Norv Turner will be terrible for the Chargers:

#1- Turner is 54 years old. What does that show you? A man who is old school and probably not open to any new ideas when it comes to the finer points of head coaching. It means that the guy is unwilling to change.

#2- Turner’s career record is 59-83-1. That means he’s 24 games under .500! UNDER .500. Now he coached the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders, two of the harder head coaching jobs in all of pro sports. But don’t use that as an excuse, ask the Raiders where they were before Turner arrived (anyone remember some guy named Bill Callahan getting the most out of some guy named QB Rich Gannon). When Turner left Oakland, he left it in disarray at 4-12. Not that Al Davis is blameless, just that Norv Turner is a master at losing.

#3- Turner hasn’t had a winning record in 7 years. That’s right, 7 years! That’s 7 years of losing. And oh by the way, this dramatic improvement in Alex Smith he’s credited with, the 49ers did not have a winning record last year for all those who forgot. The NFC was going to have it’s first 7-9 team in the playoffs if things fell right.

The reason the Chargers are probably hiring Turner is because he probably will be able to land Ted Cottrell as his defensive coordinator. He has experience running the 3-4, all of his defenses (even in Buffalo) were successful. He has 22 seasons of NFL Coaching Experience, and we all know he won’t land a head oaching gig because every time he interviews he comes up short (that’s factual, not opinion based).

Regardless, that’s a bad reason to hire a head coach, he’s able to bring a name coordinator. Of course, that’s the San Diego Charger way of doing business with A.J. Smith.

I don’t like changing my favorite team, which the Chargers were yesterday. There’s a pretty good chance that the Chargers (on sheer talent alone) will continue to have a winning record next year. They may make the playoffs again (probably not at 14-2) but they’re in the same division as the Denver Broncos, who probably can overtake them with this move alone.

This is the beginning of the Charger’s slide from grace.

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5 replies on “The Chargers’ terrible move”

Hmm Interesting persepctive…Partway down you forgot the ‘c’ in ‘coaching’ and I HATE bandwagon fans…just for the record.

I’m a 49er fan and I can tell you I’m not happy that Norv is leaving. Because even though you say the Niners were ‘still 7-9’ last year, it’s a huge improvement from 2-14. We beat the Seahawks TWICE! And Alex Smith looked like the next coming of Montana a couple times last season. I don’t know how much credit goes to Turner, but some of it has to.

(By the way I’m pretty sure that the Niners HAD to go 8-8 to have a chance of making the playoffs)

You got my vote….. …but as a sports fan you should really reconsider this bandwagon stance.  You gotta pick a team and stick with it.  Yeah, you go through the hurt of coming up close but no cigar (like my A’s seem to do on a yearly basis), however the joy of winning is so much more magnified.  

I don’t agree that this is a horrible hire. I think the Chargers just have too much talent to fall that far. While I hate the hiring of these retreads (I recall joking on a podcast awhile back that Norv Turner was probably gonna get a job) I don’t think he’ll be that terrible. People always lauded Jimmy Johnson as this super coach but I remember him also not getting it done with a mediocre Miami Dolphins team jsut as much as all that success he had with the Cowboys. There’s like a bajillion examples of this but i’m tired.

Now i do know that Turner has a lot to prove and if the Chargers take a significant step back this year (that doesn’t mean anything less than 14-2 again is necessarily a failure) then he should be gone even after one year.

The real incompetent in that division is Mike Shanahan. I’ve never seen a coach resting on his Super Bowl laurels longer than he has. I don’t think anyone in the west is close to overtaking the Chargers, at least not this year.

bandwagon A person who changes teams due to off season moves or an injury to key plays.. thats interesting.. so in essence your not really a fan of the actual sport your a fan of the teams thats most capable of winning. Thats ridiculous!  “I’m going to like the patriots this year because they will be good”.. What kind of shenanigans is that. It doesn’t matter how you put your words down you are a bandwagon fan. You know nothing about loyalty to a team. Your upset with the chargers because they chose Norv Turner as coach so now your going to choose a different team, what happens if they start winning? All of a sudden will you idolize Norv?  I personally don’t like the fact that Wade Phillips was hired as the new coach for Dallas but as a fan I will accept and continue to support my team. Winning is a small fraction of sports.. teams are going to lose and suck all the time. It would be a terrible thing if all the fans in the world said “hey the browns are terrible I refuse to be a fan”  its a good thing a true fan has more gumption than that.

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