New York Yankees

Shut Up

By Billy Fellin

    Just a few days ago, spring training began in baseball when first the pitchers and catchers then the rest of the players showed up in camp and started to work out for the 2007 season. Great, I’m already excited about the weather getting warmer (gotta love nice spring days on a college campus-girl’s shorts get shorter ever year) as well as baseball getting going. But then we get drama worthy of a high school cafeteria out of New York where A-Rod has said his friendship with Derek Jeter has “cooled”. Honestly, guys, just can it.
I really don’t have a problem with players expressing their emotions or perhaps personal problems through the media. That’s their business if they want everyone who watches ESPN or reads SI to know what they do when they get up in the morning. But when you start getting distractions like this in house, coming from one of the biggest stars in the MLB in reference to one of the most professional and clutch players to ever wear the Pinstripes, its going to be noticed and its going to be a problem. Jeter says he wants to keep it in house and I can’t say that I blame him. I would think that it would be hard enough to be the captain of a team that hasn’t won the World Series in seven years and have to deal with this schoolyard bull.

    Besides, who cares? Apparently, the media does because they have been blowing this way out of proportion, and they are the ones who started this three-ring circus. A-Rod could have easily avoided the question, or just given a vague answer. But I’d really like to meet a Yankees fan that actually cares whether or not A-Rod and Jeter are spending their Friday nights in a high-end club in New York City together. I’m a huge Yankees fan and I couldn’t care less about what A-Rod and Jeter do outside of Yankee Stadium or any other ballpark they are playing in. They are baseball players and baseball should come first and not these little insignificant things.

    Apparently Johnny Damon is getting into the act too. In the New York Daily News he was still talking about how the Red Sox didn’t sign him two seasons ago that made his coming to New York possibly. Now this really is water under the bridge. Just let it go Johnny; you’re with a better team now, and you’re making more money. If I was in that situation I’d be kicking back over the winter with a nice smile on my face as I logged onto my bank’s website and checked my bank account. Seriously, they didn’t want you back and then you came to New York. Now if you really want to shake up the Yankee fan base, tell a reporter that you made a throw from the foul pole in left to Jeter at shortstop without any bounces in between. Talk about a shocking story, the media will be all over him after that one.

    So what’s the moral of the story? Keep your personal opinions and stories out of the media. I know that will never, ever happen but it’s a nice thought. Stick to talking about baseball and your poor play has nothing to do with the fact that you have a “cooled” friendship with the guy playing the position next to you. This should be a very interesting season. Is it April yet?

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Comment I like that A-Rod modestly and honestly answered the question about he and DJ’s relationship because that will quiet any rumors because we all know the truth. BUT I hate that the media is making it a big deal. It’s our job as fans to know that the media is overblowing it and to not give a shit other than having the matter settled.

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