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I’m Not So Sure Sammy

Recently signed to the Texas Rangers, Sammy Sosa is looking to make a return to Major League Baseball. In my opinion this signing is one that is shocking and honestly doesn’t make much sense.The 38 year old outfielder Sammy Sosa was signed to a contract that is reportedly worth 500,000 dollars with numerous incentives. Sosa was signed to a minor league contract. One of the many questions I have, is whether or not Sosa would be willing to play in the minor leagues, if playing with the Rangers was out of the question. I question the motivation that he would have playing in Triple-A baseball, not receiving the attention that I believe he craves.

There are many reasons why I believe Sosa is trying to re-enter into the Major Leagues. One reason is certainly not the money involved because of the massive contracts he was under in his heyday. It makes me wonder however how a man with over 500 homeruns in his career would consider coming back to the game. It was proven that his ability was certainly lost, when in 2005, Sosa hit a puzzling .221 with 14 homeruns and 45 runs batted in. Sosa has already done enough in baseball, in many ways. The amount of homeruns he hit will solidify his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame, if the voters disregard his steroid allegations. Craig Biggio will not be the only baseball player attempting to reach a historic milestone; Sosa will be aiming for 600 career homeruns, which are only 12 homers away. The main reason why Sosa is returning to the game is obvious to me although Sosa denies this; he is making an attempt at healing his crushed reputation among players, fans, and Hall of Fame voters.

Why would Sammy want to come back to baseball, when his numbers will only be more tarnished than before? Why would Sammy want to face the possible embarrassment of failing to make the team out of spring training, but like Sosa said when asked about his condition, “If it doesn’t happen — which I doubt — it will be one in a million.” I doubt this statement completely considering Sosa hasn’t been in the Major Leagues since 2005. How does he expect to return to the league that continues to become younger and more difficult each year?

Please understand I do believe Sosa brought a tremendous amount of attention to the sport and was a tremendous player. However I just do not believe that he is and was an example of what baseball represents. A player, who cheats, is not someone who I believe deserves to be honored in any way. Sosa is a cheater in my opinion and will always be in my mind. Unlike Mark McGwire, who also is linked to steroid use during his career, Sosa was caught cheating during a game, in one of the most embarrassing moments in baseball history.  This embarrassing moment is his corked-bat incident. For those who may not remember, in 2004, Sammy Sosa was caught in the act of batting with a cork inside his bat. Putting a cork in a bat is an infamous way of cheating and maybe the hardest to get away with. If the players bat breaks after hitting the ball, the cork is exposed thoroughly. This is what happened in Sosa’s experience. This event was so upsetting and shocking, that the Chicago Cubs decided to trade him after the season.

The Cubs were the team that Sosa really played for during the course of 12 seasons. When I say he played for the Cubs, I mean that he absolutely transformed as a player. Sosa’s first four seasons in the big leagues totaled 29 homeruns. In Sosa’s second season with the Cubs alone, he hit 33 homeruns. Does that seem strange to you?

The idea that Sosa can make his return to the Major Leagues and not only make an impact, but also heal his reputation is ridiculous. If Sosa is even able to make the Texas Rangers roster, you can expect horrible reactions. I can only imagine Sosa’s return to be much like that of the horendous crowd reactions that Barry Bonds recieved last season, during his appearances in games.

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Hmm Well yeah he could also be trying to win a World Series. But I do agree with you and I’m not a fan of Sammy.

Sosa Good point JDWC, but yea i also agree that Sosa is a cheater. Does anyone have predictions of his season if he makes the team?

Nice Article I doubt Sosa actually makes the Ranger roster.  They have a lot of decent bats already.

The oldster who may have some pop that I wouldn’t be surprised if he resurfaces is Juan Gonzalez.  I caught a little of the Caribbean Series this weekend and his bat looked lively.  

Juan Gonzalex I completely agree with you, Juan Gonzalez is very overlooked. He still seems to have the ability to compete at his age. I have heard that the LA Dodgers may sign him, and even the Texas Rangers.

Juan Gonzalez  I doubt he will make a contribution to any team in thhe upcoming season. He is too old, plus he doesn’t have the same kind of play which he had in his prime with the Indians.

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