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Breaking down Bill Parcells

If you turn on your television or radio on Monday, January 22, 2007 to ESPN or FOX Sports Radio or TSN or your local sports affiliate, you will hear the talking heads say the following four things:

“Bill Parcells was tired and wasn’t getting any joy from winning so he retired” , “The next head coach of the Dallas Cowboys could from college or pros but already has head coaching experience (ala Norv Turner, Charlie Weis, Bob Stoops, Jeff Fisher, et al…)”, “Bill Parcells is a Hall of Fame coach and the Dallas Cowboys are better off now then they were when he first arrived after 3 consecutive 5-11 seasons”, and “I was surprised to hear this and so were several players in the locker room”.
Which (if you truly think about it) amount to duh, duh, duh, and who cares?

For Dallas Cowboys fans, personnel people, and owners: You have just lost one of the only coaches who has elite records in personnel, head coaching, draft, playoff, and Super Bowl experience. There is nobody in the water with the body of experience that Bill Parcells has. No-one you hire is going to be as qualified as Bill Parcells.

That’s the bad.

From here, (which is what I’m here to talk about) things can go from Bad to worse, bad to salvaged, bad to better, or bad to good. Since I like the Dallas Cowboys as an organization, even if I dislike a specific player, I am going to give you the bad to good scenario. If I get 10 responses from 10 different fans, I’ll highlight the other options, but for this article, we’ll just do “bad to good”

You have 3 options for your head coaching vacancy available to acquire from another organization if you’re going to go from bad to good and truly keep building upwards towards a Super Bowl.  If you choose ANYONE ELSE, it’s a real waste of time and you take a step backwards.  In order of best to worst, here we go:



Tom Moore- Indianapolis Colts Offensive Coordinator

If you believe one thing you read, believe this: There is no substitute for long-term success (read 5+ years with 1 NFL Franchise).  A lot of people will tell you that Tom Moore is too old, that he’s been with Peyton Manning for 9 years, that he’s simply been in the right place at the right time with Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, and Edgerrin James.

And they’re wrong….Tom Moore is an elite offensive coordinator and would make a terrific head coach and probably is the best coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Here are 3 reasons:

#1- Tom Moore has been consistent with Peyton Manning for the last 8 years, that shows that he can develop a quarterback.  (The Cowboys greatest asset and let no one tell you different)

#2-That Peyton Manning hasn’t gotten hurt in those last 8 years shows he can develop and manage an offensive line. (The Cowboys biggest problem and let no one tell you different)

#3-That he can get Dominic Rhodes, Joseph Addai, Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, James Mungro (Mungro I ask you?) to rush like dominant players.

I’m sorry did I forget to mention all of the TE’s, WR’s, and special teams players that have come through the Indianapolis Colts offense over the years. No, I just didn’t have time for them. But moving on…



Ron Rivera- Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator

A lot of people will tell you that Ron Rivera is a product of great drafting that the Bears were always great on defense, that it’s because of the cold weather, that Ron Rivera couldn’t put together a team if his life depended on it. Here’s three reasons that they’re wrong and Ron Rivera would be the second best fit for the Dallas Cowboys….

#1- Ron Rivera is young (and I use this in a relative term) which means that he would have an advantage relating to the Dallas Cowboys mostly young team.

#2- Ron Rivera coaches defense where the Cowboys are youngest and most talented, he would be moving from one playoff defense that had problems with injuries (see DT Tommie Harris or FS Mike Brown) to another playoff defense which had problems with injuries (see  DE Greg Ellis and MLB Dat Nguyen), the difference can be watched in February in the Super Bowl.

#3- Ron Rivera comes from the newest coaching tree in the NFL and legacy means a lot. The Tony Dungy Tree which begat Herm Edwards which begat Lovie Smith which now is begetting Ron Rivera. He will also be available to interview over these next two weeks.


And the #3 BEST CHOICE to coach the COWBOYS is:

Jim Johnson- Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator-

Jim Johnson is too old is the major complaint you’ll hear, he’s not interested in coaching another team, he’s never had head coaching experience. Here’s 3 more reasons why they’re wrong and I’m right

#1- Name the last time that Philadelphia didn’t have a Pro-Bowler in the secondary.

#2- In his tenure, how many times has Jim Johnson coached his defense to the playoffs?

#3- Of these 3 head coaches, which one do you think has the most experience playing the Cowboys of Present and knows them the best? That would be Jim Johnson, thus hurting a rival team (the Eagles) and improving their own.


In conclusion, these are the three people with the best shot of actually improving upon the current version of the Dallas Cowboys. Do I think that Dallas will hire any of these three candidates?


Why not?

Because teams (for whatever reason) often hire as quick as possible, regardless of the best candidates. The frantic business side of the NFL takes over inside the franchise’s mind:  We can’t be without a head coach, what would we ever do without a head coach, how can we head in a direction without a head coach?  Losing a head coach for an owner is akin to having your house set on fire.

Except, it’s really not.

In reality, it’s more akin to being a victim of a mugging. You cancel your credit cards (the current “system” for the players), you call the state ID office (telling the media), and you tell the bank (the coaching carousel) that you need a new debit card (a head coach) and then you go shopping for a new wallet (interviews with coaches).  

Now if you’re wealthy (like Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones) you can actually cancel those credit cards and maybe switch banks and get yourself a debit card that gets a higher yield (like the 3 listed above).

Or you can make a bad situation worse….

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Two? Great article with an in depth analysis of the Cowboys situation, but you put the same article twice in the submissions, therefore, I think it will be fair if I vote for one of them and ignore the other.

Yeah, sorry Sorry about that, it was my first time using the system, I hit the submit button twice on this one. Hopefully, it won’t happen again.

Thanks for the comment.

Just finished reading this article. I liked it.  Nice breakdown of the candidates.  If I’m Jerry Jones I wait and go hard after Ron Rivera.

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