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The New York Mets will enter the 2006-2007 season with many holes to fill. The main concern is the pitching staff because of the lack of depth. Can this Mets lineup carry their pitching staff into October?
General Manager Omar Minaya has put together an intimidating Mets lineup. He has cajoled many different talents to join the Mets and to compete for a World Series title. Now it’s a question of can the Mets lineup cover up the lack of depth in the pitching staff. With Pedro Martinez injured, Tom Glavine has to step up and deliever in the final years of his career. Oliver Perez was decent in the postseason last year, but he can’t keep that up this year. Most Metropolitan fans agree that he will not be able to match his play from last year, mainly because of his inconsistent outings and lack of accuracy. In addition, Scott Schoeneweis signed a three year deal with the Mets recently. He is a proven reliever, but why would they sign him but let go of Oliver and Bradford? Michael Pelfry is an upcoming star along with Phillip Humber, but are they ready for the big leagues? Although, you can’t blame the Mets for not signing Barry Zito to that big of a contract. The Mets might just use Lastings Milledge as trade bait for a mediocre pitcher. It’s not that they want to trade him, but they cornered themselves into this postion. In the past few years, the NL East divison has changed a lot. The Braves are not the team that they used to be, although the Marlins young talent has matured into a solid team. The Mets have become a team to be reckoned with, and the Phillies are only getting better. The Nationals are a big mess, and with Soriano gone, it just got worse.
  The Mets bullpen improved in the off-season with the re-signing of Duaner Sanchez, who was injured in a car accident last season.  Aaron Heilman will also turn out to be a contributing factor to the bullpen, if he stays. Roberto Hernandez was brought in last year to help the bullpen, but he has left the Mets to join the Indians. Billy Wagner is very efficent as a closer, but he blows a save from time to time. If the Mets signed or drafted a sufficent reliever, it would substancially help their wounds and needs. In the pitching rotation, expectations are low. It is a matter of how long a starter can go for the Mets, because five innings will not cut it anymore. The Mets need to look for a starter who is capable of going more that seven innings a start, because it will allow the bullpen to get some rest. If the Mets get a pitcher who could go more than seven innings a start, their lineup will lead them to victory.
  In baseball, we have come to learn that pitching often wins championships. It will be interesting to see how the Mets turn out, because of their dismal pitching staff and their explosive lineup. I think that fans can expect the Mets to win the divison, but fall short in the playoffs. Although, it will not be an upset if they do make the World Series. Only time will tell where this Mets team ends up.

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Re:Mets You know your baseball.

It could use some organization, but otherwise it is a detailed editorial.

I admire your title selection.

Any plans… To spell “deliver” properly when talking about Tom Glavine?
Otherwise, this is awesome!

New York State of Mind — This is a great article, but Roberto Hernandez signed with the Cleveland Indians in the offseason, he is not on the Mets as you said.

Good article, but… it needs some work.  Seems scatter-brained as ideas seem to run together, such as the depth of the bullpen immediately followed by the divisional race with no transition.  Also, try supporting your claims with evidence.  Instead of saying “Oliver Perez can’t keep that up this year” and moving on, tell me why you think that.  Is he too old?  Too mediocre? Explain your thoughts and your articles will be much better.  Other than that, it’s a good preview on the Mets.

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