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A Hurricane- Now A Playoff Game

The New Orleans Saints have overcome many obstacles over the course of this season. Starting with Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans was devastated. Hurricane Katrina truly put a sporting event out of perspective because of the innocent lives being proclaimed right before our very eyes. The Saints showed they were a team with courage and heart for making it through the rough times during the hurricane. The Saints did not know where they would be playing in early September, let alone playing at all. The Saints main goal was not to win football games, but to help rebuild the city of New Orleans. The Saints helped by donating to the American Red Cross, delivering foods and supplies to homeless shelters, and talking with the people of New Orleans to add comfort to an already hostile environment. The New Orleans Saints are not just a team, but a friend to the city of New Orleans. There are no big sports teams in Louisiana besides the LSU Tigers football team. To some fans, the Saints are all that they have. The Saints fans would have been happy to see the team playing, none the less knowing that the Saints had dedicated their season to the city of New Orleans.
        The Saints hired a new coach in Sean Payton, and selected Reggie Bush with the second overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft. This Saints team lived up to the hype by defeating the Cleveland Browns, 19-14. On September 25th, the Saints played on of the most powerful games in their franchise history. The Saints were about to play at home for the first time since Hurricane Katrina swept through the city of New Orleans. The Saints took on the Falcons before a sold-out Super Dome. The Saints came out blazing with a blocked punt for a touchdown in the opening minutes. From a fans perspective, how can you not root against them? The Saints capped the night off with a magical 23-3 win. Ever since that game, the Saints continued to win despite facing hard opponents throughout the course of the season. The Saints ended the season with a record of 10-6, and were rewarded with the second seed in the NFC playoffs. This team did not only play to win a Super Bowl, but to get the city of New Orleans back where it used to be. The Saints are not just a team, but heroes to New Orleans. Every person in their locker room understands the concept of “there is no “I” in team.”  
        No matter how far the Saints get in the playoffs, their fans will be extremely proud of them. This Saints season was the best gift that they could have given to the city of New Orleans, because they played so hard and fought through every game just for them. The Saints were not the best team on paper or stats wise, but from the heart they are number one.

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horrible setup I can’t stand columns that are written like this.  Please have some structure.  Have some space in between paragraphs.  Please god!

thanks …   I admire your courage to let me know about your opinon. Constructive critism means no harm, only good. I think that your approach was pretty harsh, but I listened to your advice.
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