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MLB Power Rankings 2007 Season

   The baseball season is up and coming, and the power rankings for the 2006-2007 are here. Take a sneak peak of the new baseball rankings as we head into the new season. Where will your team end up? #1. Minnesota Twins – A determined closer in Joe Nathan and a proven winner in Santana can take this team far if they stay healthy throughout the season. Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau lead the Twins on offense and are two uprising players. Don’t be surprised if this team goes deep in the playoffs.

 #2. St. Louis Cardinals – The Defending World Series champions have a strong case to repeat, but their future depends on the play of Chris Carpenter. Although, the main reason this team is playoff bound is because of the one man wrecking crew, Albert Pujols.

 #3. Detroit Tigers – The Tigers shocked the baseball world last year by making an historical run through the postseason into the World Series. Expect the promising star Justin Verlander to have a great season and pile up many wins.

 #4. New York Mets – The only reason the Mets are this low is simply because of their pitching. General Manager Omar Minaya has put together a loaded Mets lineup which scares the whole National League, but injuries in the pitching staff have finally caught up to them.

 #5. Boston Red Sox – Even though they collapsed down the stretch of last season, expect great things from this Red Sox team. A healthy starter in Papelbon, and the Japanese star Daisuke Matsuzaka will provide the Red Sox with a very balanced pitching rotation. Along with Josh Beckett, and the Red Sox lineup, expect this team to make a run into mid- October.

 #6. New York Yankees- The Yankees off-season transactions of Andy Pettite and Kei Igawa are very promising to an all ready stacked Yankees lineup. We know that Randy Johnson could not handle New York, but can A- Rod?

 #7. Los Angeles Dodgers- The addition of Juan Pierre was one of my favorite moves this off-season. He adds a dimension of versatility to this Dodger lineup. Jason Schmidt and Russel Martin should have good seasons for the Dodgers. Don’t be surprised if this team represents the dismal National League in the World Series.

 #8. Chicago Cubs- I have to say, I jumped on the Cubs band wagon right when they signed Alfonso Soriano. Soriano will hit for power at Wrigley, and he is already capable of getting 40 stolen bases. Expect this Cubs team to stay alive all year and eventually grab the NL Wild Card.

 #9. Toronto Blue Jays- The re-signing of Vernon Wells was a smart move by the Toronto front office. Look for Roy Hallady’s numbers to trim down a little, but the addition of Frank Thomas for a one year deal is financially safe. The only reason that this team will miss the playoffs is because of the powerful division it’s in.

 #10. San Diego Padres- The Padres pitching rotation will end up having the Padres playing meaningful games in late September. Although, Trevor Hoffman is only getting older, and they’re line up doesn’t blow me away.

 #11. Oakland Athletics- Barry Zito moving across the Bay will hit a hard point on this Oakland team. At the same time, you can’t expect them to give him that kind of contact. This team doesn’t look good on paper, but General Manager Billy Bean knows what he’s doing.

 #12. Anaheim Angels – An uprising star in Jered Weaver and the all star right fielder Vladimir Guerrero will lift this team into competitve play down the strech. The addition of Gary Mathews Jr. was a great move as well because of his defensive play and versatility. This team will fall just short of a wild card spot.

 #13. Milwaukee Brewers- The Brewers are my suprise team this year, mainly because of the signing of pitcher Jeff Suppan. I appreciate the play of infielder Bill Hall, and this team will find itself playing competitive baseball down the strech.

 #14. Houston Astros- The Astros signing Carlos Lee will protect Lance Berkman, and improve the play of Adam Scott. If Clemens returns to the Astros, expect this team to soar up my power rankings in the future.

 #15. Philadelphia Phillies- The Phillies rising stars Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are entering their prime, and their numbers wil only improve. Look for this team to be right up there with the New York Mets in the NL East.

 #16. Cleveland Indians- Travis Hafner is one of the most under the radar players in the league today. Even though he was  out for almost all of September, he still had 40+ homeruns and 117 runs batted in, to go along with a 300. batting average. These numbers will only get better, along with the play of the Cleveland Indians.

 #17. Chicago White Sox- I can safley say that the Chicago White Sox will be this season’s bust. Jim Thome’s superb season last year was a fluke, and Freddy Garcia has moved on to the Phillies. Missing the playoffs last year was a shocker, but this year it will be expected.

 #18. Texas Rangers- The Rangers find themselves entering this season with two substancial losses to their lineup, with Gary Mathews Jr. departure as well as Carlos Lee ending up in Houston. In Additon, Mark Teixeira is a time bomb waiting to go off. Teixeira is due to have a great season with the Texas Rangers, and he is likley to have unprecedented numbers this upcoming season.

 #19.San Francisco Giants- The Giants signing of Barry Zito was the largest contact for a pitcher in MLB history. Barry Zito will put up very solid numbers, but nothing compared to the contract he recieved. The Giants will fall in the NL West behind the Dodgers and the Padres.

 #20. Florida Marlins- The Marlins have some of the best young talent on their roster. From everywhere from Hanley Ramirez to Dan Uggla, the Marlins are loaded with upcoming stars. Keep an eye on pitcher Anibal Sanchez after he recorded a no- hitter and posted a 10-3 record last season. I’m not saying the Marlins will be in the hunt, but they are headed in the right direction.

 #21. Colorado Rockies- The Rockies organization is headed in the right direction due to the play of rising stars Matt Holliday and Garret Atkins. These two players had break out seasons last year and will put up similar numbers this year. However, don’t be surprised if Matt Holliday was a fluke last year. Brian Fuertes is the only promising player in the Rockies pitching staff.

 #22. Atlanta Braves- The Braves team last year appeared to be very inconsistent and dull. You can expect a similar lack-luster year from this team. Although, watch for Edgar Renteria and Jeff
Francoeur to have decent years. It will eventually take this Braves team a couple of years to be back in the playoff mix.

 #23. Arizona Diamondbacks- The Diamondbacks acquired Randy Johnson in the off-season, which will turn out as a positive addition despite his age. This Diamondbacks team won’t go anywhere soon, but keep an eye on short-stop prospect Stephen Drew to have a great season.

 #24. Seattle Mariners- The Mariners team had a terrible season last year, and they will have a similar season this year. Ichiro will put up similar numbers, and hot prospect Felix Hernandez will have a better pitching record than last year. This team is also in the rebuilding stage.

 #25. Cincinnati Reds- The Reds were a fluke last year, and they still only finished 80-82. This season will turn out a nightmare for the Cincinnati fans, and so will Griffey’s injuries.

 #26. Washington Nationals- The departure of Alfonso Soriano will effect this team greatly over the season. Ryan Zimmerman will have an excellent year even though he has no protection in that lineup. This team will eventually finish at the bottom of the NL East.

 #27. Baltimore Orioles- The Orioles front office is headed in the wrong direction this season, and for many seasons to come. I’m surprised that Miguel Tejada has stuck around this long and has been as patient as he has been with this team. In the upcoming season, I won’t be surprised if the Orioles fans come to the games just to boo.

 #28. Pittsburgh Pirates- The Pirates have a decent offense with Jason Bay and Freddy Sanchez, but they have no pitching at all. Their attendance at the home games are crashing down, and so is this franchise.

 #29. Tampa Bay Devil Rays- The Devil Rays are unfortunate to be in the AL East, but now we know that they would be at the bottom of every division besides the AL Central. The only star players that the Devil Rays have is Carl Crawford and Scott Kazmir. It is sad knowing that this talent can be greatly appreciated for another franchise. This team is young, but inexperienced.

 #30. The Royals have turned out to be one of the worst franchises in sports over the last several years. They’re attendance at the home games is less than the attendance at a typical hockey game. This nightmare for the Royals has just begun, and they’re not waking up any time soon.


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Outlook This is an excellent outlook on the upcoming baseball season. I admire your detailed analysis on all of the teams, and your enhanced vocabulary. Alas, I believe it is simply a work of art.

Liriano Francisco Liriano is likely to miss the entire 2007 season, due to his November Tommy John surgery, so he probably won’t be any factor for the #1 Twins.

Also there were at least a half-dozen spelling errors that should have been caught in spell-check.

Two that particularly bothered me were: “They’re attendance at the home games are crashing down, and so is this franchise.” Wrong word usage… it should be THEIR.

And “The Royals have turned out to be one of the worst franchise’s in sports over the last several years.” Franchises is plural, not possessive, and therefore should not have an apostrophe.

so Okay so it’s good analysis and you look like you spent a lot of time and  effort on this…good job. BUT here’s my problems with your analysis (well not problems per se, just my opinions compared to yours):

Twins = no Liriano, no playoffs
Cardinals = worse than last year, won’t make playoffs
Phillies = underrated
A’s = ‘not good on paper’? think again.
Tigers = best team in A.L.
White Sox = very strong contenders, Jim Thome’s 2006 NOT a fluke
Angels = Gary Matthews, Jr. is not a huge gain
Rangers = Gary Matthews, Jr. is not a huge loss
New York Mets = will not be as good as everyone thinks unless they improve their pitching

Twins should not be number one without Liriano. The Cardinals were not the second best team in baseball last season, they will not even be close to that this seaosn.

Hold Your Gun! Before we all criticize his opinions, shouldn’t we wait and see how the season plays out?

no no Hey, I’m not trying to criticize his opinions, I’m just telling him why I disagree with some of his picks and presenting my own. I made that clear in my comment. Baseball is so unpredictable that it’s pretty hard to criticize anyone’s picks until it’s all over.

friendly discussion It is just a good conversation about our expectations for the season, the season is not as good if you do not try and figure out what will happen.

Reds How can the Reds be good if they were a suprise last year, and they only finshed 80-82.
– enough said

A’s – not good on paper? I like your view on the game, but if you look at Oakland’s team on paper, no one seems to be intimidating …

Harden – decent, not bad at all .. injuries in the way
Crosby – average
Zito – gone
Street- A’s best player
Thomas – On Blue Jays

If I did’nt mention anyone on this team that you feel is amazing, please respond

Not trying to be harsh, just trying to prove a point ..

P.S – I still believe that they are an excellent team, but players individually don’t cut it

Cards Fluke? Think again  I think that our outlooks on the game is diverse, which is not a bad thing at all.

I am a Mets fan, and so the Cards knocked off the Mets in game 7
(I was there) at shea, that impresses me with the atmosphere they had to deal with and how they responded as a team. They validating their #2 position on my power rankings by defeating the Tigers in the Fall Classic

I hope you prove me wrong because I will learn from my mistakes, but for now .. I’m not changing their #2 position.
Plus, having Albert Pujols on your squad is never a bad thing …

thanks   JDWC,

        when mentioning my spelling errors, I am able to fix them and present my article in a more efficent matter. By mentioning my errors, it shows me that your truly care about my work and about this website.

   Hope we keep in touch,

Excited to see how the season plays out (=

Yanks to the WS No faith in this years yanks.  For more reasons than I can get into this is the best team they have put on the field in years.  Bounce back years big…BIG time from A-Rod, Matsui gets to play… the entire line-up is sick.  The pitching is very solid.  The pitching gets better when Roger comes.  We have the best pitching prospect in the game ready to go in Hughes (half way into season)Yanks have, for the first time in years, the prospects that could land them just the right guy at the break… perhaps another grade A pitcher.  And… A-Rod’s been through hell.  Now he can just play ball, because when you go BA 290, 35HR, and 121 RBI’s and are still bood, a guy like A-Rod can now just play figuring there isn’t any point worrying about it.  With that knew attitude he will shine… MVP style all the way to the WS,

new york, new york   I admire your bold prediction on the Yankees in the upcoming season, because I know they have a real shot to pull it off. However, I am a Mets fan, and I cannot agree with all Yankees fans perspective. Sometimes I have to look from a different perspective rather than ” The Mets will win it all” and the ” Yankees won’t make the playoffs”.

Lets just agree that we both are excited for the upcoming season.    

Chi Sox @ 17th??? — I would love for someone to name 3 pitching staffs better than the Sox’s going into 07′.  Especially, I would argue, since Buehrle had a very uncharacteristic season that he is unlikely to repeat.

They have these key players from the 05′ World Series Team:
Conteras, Garland, Buehrle, Jenks, Konerko, Dye, Piersynski, Uribe, Crede, Podsednick, Osuna.  

They’ve since added, Erstad, Thome, Cintron, Mackowiack, MacDougal, Thornton, Ardsma, and Toby Hall.

Do the math. Sox are in the top 7 or 8 and if Danks or Floyd work out, top 3.

White Sox Very persuasive suggestion, but the AL is a very powerful league and I think that the White Sox will give in to better teams at a point in the season.

Other than that,
                I hope you prove me wrong.

mlb power pole — WHAT!!! how can the cardinals possibly be ranked #2.  They should’nt even be in the top ten.  Have you seen that pitching staff ugg

Under the Radar — I love how you said the Braves team was inconsistant and dull, and expect the same this year.  Boy, Smoltz, Hudson, Davies, A. Jones, B. McCann, C. Jones, and Frenchie sure are some push overs this year huh?

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